Exploring the Depths of Bliss: A Journey Beyond Pleasure

Finding true bliss can be a challenge. Bentinho shares insights that can help us delve deeper into what it means to experience genuine bliss.

Bliss, as Ben explains, is not just about feeling good or being happy. It’s a profound state of being that goes beyond the fleeting pleasures of life. It’s about stopping the endless stream of thoughts and entering a space of pure awareness and presence.

Ben suggests a simple yet powerful practice: pause your thoughts for just a few moments every day. This act of stopping, even briefly, can bring forth a higher realization of your true self. It’s not about suppressing thoughts but rather interrupting the flow of the mind to tap into a deeper consciousness.

This practice aligns with spiritual teachings across various traditions. The Bible, for example, in Psalm 46:10, advises, “Be still, and know that I am God.” This verse echoes the idea of finding divine connection and understanding through stillness.

The journey to blissful awareness is not always easy. It requires discipline and persistence. But the rewards are immense. As you practice, you start to experience a shift. Pleasure and pain no longer hold the same grip on you. You begin to find a joy and contentment in your true self, which far outweighs any temporary pleasure.

Ben’s teachings remind us that we are more than our bodies, more than our thoughts. We are infinite beings, capable of experiencing profound peace and joy. This realization can be life-changing.

“True bliss is found not in the pursuit of pleasure, but in the realization of our infinite selves.” – Ben

Remember, true bliss is an internal journey, a profound realization of who we really are beyond our physical existence. It’s about experiencing life in its fullest, most authentic form. Through Ben’s teachings, we can embark on this transformative journey, discovering a depth of joy and contentment that surpasses all understanding.