When we aim to help those around us, it can sometimes be challenging to understand and accept that their path might not align with societal norms or our personal expectations. Bentinho once shed light on this idea, emphasizing that each individual’s journey is unique and perfectly tailored to their personal growth.

Imagine for a moment, encountering someone making choices that, to you, appear detrimental. It might be instinctive to want to intervene, to change their circumstances, to alleviate their pain. But Bentinho urges us to see things differently. For, in our well-intentioned attempts to change someone’s path, we might inadvertently be taking away their opportunity for personal growth and realization.

Pain, challenges, and struggles are catalysts for change. They provide opportunities for epiphanies and growth. Taking these challenges away against someone’s will might not only postpone their personal revelations but also exacerbate their struggles. Our intentions, while noble, might send the message that their current state is ‘wrong’, further pushing them towards the very vices or habits we hope they’d avoid.

Ben emphasizes the importance of a change in perspective. To truly help, we must first recognize and appreciate the perfection in their journey, even if it appears flawed in our eyes. We must acknowledge the presence of their inner guidance system, their emotional compass that continuously nudges them towards alignment.

Helping someone isn’t about altering their journey but enriching it. It’s about illuminating their path with love, understanding, and providing tools that might assist them. Offering perspective and understanding is one way to do this.

Another profound way to support is by being an embodiment of the change we wish to see. Our actions, our love, our acceptance can inspire them, making us beacons of light in their journey. Ben reminds us, “We cannot choose for someone, but we can offer them more to choose from.”

The journey of life is intricate and unique for each individual. Our role, as supporters and loved ones, is not to alter that journey but to accompany them on it, offering love, understanding, and the tools they might need along the way.

Quote: “We cannot choose for someone, but we can offer them more to choose from.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Book Reference:
“Where there is no guidance, a people falls, but in an abundance of counselors there is safety.” – Proverbs 11:14 (Bible)