We all seek to connect, to truly understand the nature of our existence and the essence of who we are. In the words of Bentinho Massaro, we are constantly in pursuit of that purity of connection, that resonance which resonates so deeply within us. This pursuit is not just a quest for understanding; it’s a quest for liberation, for the joy and freedom that come from understanding and embracing our true selves.

There’s a moment in our lives when we catch a glimmer of excitement, a fleeting sense of true connection. Bentinho refers to this as a light – a light that can’t be dimmed by any negative belief or doubt. In his words, “beliefs cannot stand the light of your excitement. They cannot stand the light of the purity of the connection you feel when you’re in excitement, when you’re in resonance with yourself, when you’re in joy, when you’re in love.”

It’s easy, in our complex lives, to get caught in the intellectual pursuit of spirituality, to believe that spirituality is something to be understood with the mind. However, as Ben suggests, if we’re relying solely on our intellect when it comes to our spiritual nature, we might be missing the point. True spirituality, true connection, comes from a place much deeper than the mind.

The reality is, everything we perceive, every sensation and thought, is simply a frequency of consciousness. Bentinho emphasizes this point, “There is no world apart from consciousness.” This may sound like a difficult concept to grasp, but think about it: everything we see, feel, and experience is a manifestation of our conscious awareness. Nothing exists outside of it.

The challenge for many of us is to shift our allegiance, to move from a perspective of seeing the world as something outside of ourselves to realizing that everything is a reflection of our inner state. When we begin to see the world this way, we can start to align ourselves more closely with what truly resonates with our being. We can start to move towards doubtlessness.

Imagine a being of pure light, as Bentinho describes. This being is the embodiment of doubtlessness, an immediate extension of the source. By connecting with this being, by immersing ourselves in its pure light, we can start to feel what it’s like to experience complete confidence and peace. We can start to understand what it means to truly be in alignment with ourselves.

This purity of connection is not just about understanding or feeling; it’s about living. It’s about making choices every day that align with our true selves, that bring us closer to that state of doubtlessness. Whether it’s choosing to follow what excites us, to move away from things that don’t resonate, or to immerse ourselves in the joy and love that is our birthright, every choice we make brings us closer to that purity of connection.

In the words of Ben, “if you embody the things that I’m now speaking to… it is my guarantee you will find what you are looking for.” The path may not always be easy, but with determination, focus, and an open heart, we can all find our way to the purity of connection.