Tap Into Your Reality: The Key to Freedom & Abundance

Have you ever been so excited about something that the rest of the world just faded away? Like the bills you needed to pay and the things just didn’t feel as important anymore? That’s what it feels like to be “tapped in.”

When you’re tapped into that feeling of excitement and joy, you’re operating at a different level. You’re less focused on your physical reality and more in tune with your inner state of being. It’s like you’re plugged into the pure energy of the universe.

Being tapped in isn’t about being selfish or ignoring your responsibilities. In fact, it’s the opposite. When you’re tuned into what truly excites you, you’re actually becoming a more powerful co-creator of your reality. You have more clarity, more vision, and more of a sense of freedom. You let go of the fear that can hold you back.

So how do you tap in? It starts by shifting your focus. Instead of constantly dwelling on your circumstances, tune into the things that light you up. What makes you feel passionate and alive? Notice how you feel when you do those things.

The more you tap into that blissful state of being, the less power your circumstances will have over you. You’ll start to see that reality is not something that happens to you– it’s something you create. And the key to creating a reality you love is to stay tapped into the abundant, joyful energy that is your true nature.

The Call to Create

Remember, you’re here to create, expand, and experience. Being tapped into your reality allows you to do this effectively by tuning into what truly matters to you. It’s about being free from the constraints of circumstances and embracing the infinite possibilities of your own being.

The Invitation to Be Tapped In

So, take a moment to reflect: Are you tapped into your reality? Are you living from a place of joy, creativity, and abundance? Or are you caught up in the smoke and mirrors of external circumstances? The invitation is always open for you to tune in, tap into your true self, and embrace the freedom and joy that comes with being fully aligned with your reality.

Quote: “The only way to effectively…expand…and experience is to tune into yourself to be tapped into being psyched to be free to be detached from the circumstances…” – Bentinho Massaro

Bible Reference: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:6-7

Summary Points

  • Tapping into your excitement shifts your focus: When you’re focused on what excites you, you become less concerned with external circumstances.
  • Being tapped in is not selfish: Prioritizing your joy and passions allows you to become a more powerful co-creator of your reality.
  • You create your reality: Reality is not something that happens to you. You shape it through your focus and vibrational energy.
  • Abundance and joy are your true nature: Tap into these feelings and you’ll transcend the limitations imposed by focusing on circumstances.


  1. Identify what excites you: Take some time to reflect. What makes you feel truly passionate and alive? Make a list of these things.
  2. Practice tapping in: Spend time each day focusing on the activities and ideas that excite you. Notice how your energy and perspective shift.
  3. Shift your focus away from circumstances: When negative thoughts or worries about your situation arise, gently redirect your attention to what brings you joy.
  4. Remember your power: Remind yourself that you are a co-creator of your reality. Your internal state of being directly shapes your experience of life.