Don’t Be Fooled by the Story by Bentinho Massaro

Don’t Be Fooled by the Story: Nurturing True Connection

In the realm of relationships, it is essential not to be swayed by captivating stories or perceived synchronicities. When we are deeply connected to our inner being, we gain the ability to sense and perceive the inner being of others. However, true connection diminishes as soon as the story takes precedence. It is crucial not to filter our relationships through personal narratives, idolizing them as the most important aspect of our lives. While some relationships may indeed hold profound significance, for most of us, they serve as reflections of our current vibrational journey.


Common Partnerships Issues by Bentinho Massaro

Nurturing True Connection: Letting Go of Relationship Stories

In our journey through life, relationships hold a significant place. They provide us with opportunities to learn, grow, and connect with others on a deeper level. However, it’s important to recognize that true connection diminishes when we start filtering our relationships through stories. These stories, often fueled by our personal selves, can idolize and pedestals the relationship, making it the most important aspect of our lives.