The Path to Surrender and Openness

In our journey through life, the concept of surrendering to a greater force can often feel like an abstract, if not daunting, task. Yet, understanding this concept is crucial to navigating the challenges and uncertainties we face. In exploring the teachings of Bentinho, we uncover a profound perspective on how to embrace surrender, particularly through the lens of openness and vulnerability.

Bentinho offers a unique view of surrendering to God, or a higher power, by visualizing it as an all-encompassing masculine presence. This presence, characterized by its ever-loving, protective, and supportive nature, serves as a beacon of trust and safety. Surrendering to this energy, according to Bentinho, is not about losing oneself but rather aligning one’s energies to attain a balanced state of being. It’s about shedding the layers of societal conditioning and embracing our true essence.

This process of surrender is not merely a spiritual exercise; it has tangible effects on our physical and emotional well-being. By opening up to this divine masculine force, we attract more balanced relationships into our lives, fostering an environment where we can truly thrive in our femininity or masculinity. Bentinho emphasizes the importance of this balance, noting that it supports the natural polarity between masculine and feminine energies, which, in turn, generates greater harmony and transformative power.

However, Bentinho cautions against a blind surrender to any external masculine force. Instead, he advocates for starting this journey within the safety of one’s inner reality, with God as the ultimate symbol of trustworthiness and reliability. This inner surrender activates a healing energy, restoring our true essence and attracting relationships that reflect this newfound balance.

The essence of surrender, as Bentinho describes, is a state of complete receptivity and openness, devoid of vulnerability in its highest form. It’s about recognizing oneself as equal to, if not greater than, this divine force, embodying the support and nurturing power of the universe. This realization fosters a profound sense of confidence and indestructibility, shifting the focus from seeking external support to becoming the ultimate source of support.

In practical terms, embracing this form of surrender involves a delicate balance of vulnerability and discernment. It’s about allowing oneself to be open and receptive, yet wise in choosing whom to trust. This practice, while challenging, paves the way for a deeper connection with the divine and a more authentic expression of our true selves.


“Surrender to the divine within you, and let it guide you to your true essence and power.” – Bentinho

Spiritual Reference:

“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10. This verse encapsulates the essence of surrender, inviting us to find peace and power in the presence of the divine.