Embracing the Subtle States of Consciousness

Water, ice, and steam. It’s a simple analogy, but it offers profound insight into understanding consciousness. Just as water is subtler than ice, and steam subtler than water, our consciousness operates on various levels of subtlety.

To put it plainly, when we speak about something being ‘subtle’, we’re referring to it being less tangible, more elusive. Think of it this way: while steam is more evasive than water, it also possesses a greater degree of freedom. Similarly, as we dive deeper into our spiritual journey, we begin to recognize more subtle, expansive, and malleable states of mind and consciousness.

Much like water transforming into steam, our consciousness evolves and becomes attuned to more nuanced details within and around us. This heightened sensitivity can make us more in sync with others and even the hidden layers of our own psyche. All it requires is a refined focus, an enhanced perception. This doesn’t happen overnight but is a gradual process, cultivated by stilling our turbulent minds and nurturing our unwavering presence.

Bentinho often speaks about the significance of being undisturbed at the core. It’s about experiencing life without being swayed by fleeting perceptions. This doesn’t imply indifference or detachment. Quite the contrary, it suggests a deeper engagement with reality, seeing beyond transient appearances and connecting with the enduring essence beneath.

This spiritual journey often presents us with paradoxes. For instance, the act of caring less about superficial realities means caring more about the profound truths underlying them. It’s about grounding ourselves in what’s genuine, while not being overly affected by life’s ebb and flow.

Life is full of appearances, constantly emerging and dissolving. Embracing this transient nature of reality – including relationships, careers, and material possessions – is essential. The eternal consciousness within us witnesses these fleeting moments, and to find peace, we must reconcile with this perpetual dance of creation and dissolution.

The secret? Don’t get caught in the reactionary trap. Responding impulsively to life’s circumstances or clinging desperately to external validations won’t foster growth. Instead, engage dynamically with life. Evolve with its changes while staying rooted in your undisturbed core.

In Ben’s words, the difference between reacting and genuinely moving with life’s flow is vast. Reactive behavior stems from a place of fear, mistrust, and a need for control. Authentic engagement is about trust, empowerment, and recognizing our inseparable connection with the universe.

In conclusion, don’t wait. Don’t stand still hoping for the right moment or fearing the unexpected. Embrace the subtle states of consciousness, move with life’s rhythm, and be the change you wish to see, knowing that you are, at your core, changeless.

Quote for Photo: “Move with life’s rhythm, knowing that at your core, you are changeless.”