The State of Completion: A Journey Beyond Human Perspective

I find it crucial to approach the concept of completion with a broader understanding than what our limited human perspective offers. When we talk about completion or disappearance, it is essential to recognize that our journey extends far beyond this lifetime. To truly grasp the idea of completion, we must acknowledge the multidimensional nature of our existence, which traverses various densities or dimensions.

Completion should not be equated with the disappearance of the ego but rather with the dissolution or merging of the soul itself. It is the culmination of a soul’s cyclical journey through densities, where one of the pivotal lessons is the merging of individuated identity with the whole. In this state, the soul turns its gaze back into foreverness, leaving behind a blueprint known as the higher self—a representation of all the wisdom and experiences accumulated throughout the soul’s journey.

While it is challenging to discuss such profound concepts, we must understand that in completion, we do not vanish or cease to exist. The essence of our being, which is eternal, remains intact. The soul’s consciousness, which encompasses the essence of who we are, merges with all that exists, transcending personal identities and affiliations. It is a return to the infinite creator, marking the end of one cycle of creation and the beginning of a new one.

The eighth density, which lies beyond our comprehension, marks the commencement of a fresh octave of creation. While we lack the ability to describe or conceptualize this realm accurately, we can explore and understand the first seven densities. Each density represents a progressively higher level of being, with the higher densities becoming increasingly elusive due to the lack of relatable reference points.

Personally, my own journey has led me to experience a download from my native soul level. It has allowed me glimpses of the lessons and frequencies at that level, infusing my human experience with a sense of purpose and direction. This integration takes nonlinear and timeless time to complete, as these experiences transcend the constraints of our earthly understanding. Through this process, I have come to realize the compatibility between the pace of the collective and my own spiritual growth.

Having undergone these transformative experiences, I now feel a renewed excitement for life and a deep commitment to sharing and teaching. While the future remains uncertain and may steer me in unforeseen directions, I am presently eager to engage in physical existence and contribute positively to the world. This journey of growth and exploration has allowed me to reacquaint myself with aspects of my soul’s path, enabling me to align more closely with my true essence.

In essence, completion is not about disappearing but about reaching a state of wholeness and unity. Our individuated identity merges with the infinite consciousness, and we become aware of our interconnectedness with all that exists. While discussing the intricacies of our native soul level and the vastness of existence is challenging, our spiritual journeys provide us with profound insights into the nature of our being.

As we continue to explore the depths of our consciousness and merge our identities with the infinite, we embark on an eternal journey of growth and creation. While the mysteries of higher densities remain beyond our comprehension, we can find solace in the knowledge that our existence transcends time and space, forever evolving in harmony with the infinite source of creation.