In the talk Bentinho Massaro introduces a conceptual model for personal growth and achieving one’s desires, which he refers to as the “three-day process.” This process, Massaro explains, is not tied to the literal passage of three days, but instead serves as a metaphor for three stages one goes through when embarking upon a change or pursuing a goal.

Day one is the stage of decision or intention. In this phase, one experiences a revelation or newfound energy and makes a conscious decision to implement a beneficial change in their life, a change that resonates and feels aligned with one’s true self. Following this, day two is the challenge day. This is the day where one may encounter obstacles or roadblocks that test their confidence and resilience. The aim here is to remain in a state of creative, confident energy and persist in the face of adversity.

However, it is day three that Bentinho highlights as crucial, yet often overlooked. Day three is the day of confirmation and celebration. This is the stage where the fruits of one’s perseverance and confidence become evident. The manifestation of one’s intention deepens their conviction and reaffirms their power, freedom, and self-worth. However, Massaro observes that many people tend to live their lives in the second stage, constantly facing challenges and consequently creating suffering for themselves.

Bentinho “Stages of Creation” is an encouraging call to action to break this cycle. He emphasizes the importance of moving past the challenges of day two and reaching the rewarding confirmation of day three. The key is to approach every roadblock or challenge as an invitation for greater maneuverability, creativity, and inspiration. By teaching ourselves and our children to live by this three-day process, we can create a life where suffering is not a given, but a choice; where the challenges of day two are stepping stones to the celebration of day three, and ultimately, a happier, fulfilling life.