Bentinho challenges us to reconsider our perception of reality and our place within it. He invites us to shed the notion of being receivers of experiences and instead embrace our role as conscious creators. This transformative perspective requires us to delve beyond the limitations of personal and spiritual bubbles, cultivating a deep awareness of ourselves and our connection to the infinite. As we embark on this journey of self-discovery, it is essential to approach these concepts with an open mind, free from judgment and comparison.

Bentinho emphasizes that we have never truly received anything. Rather, we have always been the ones giving form and shape to every aspect of our experiences. This radical shift in perception challenges the belief in an external reality separate from ourselves. We are urged to step into the creator’s seat, fully conscious of our power to shape the world around us. It is not about control in a negative sense, but rather about embracing conscious creation and deliberate manifestation.

To fully embody our creative potential, we must release the deeply ingrained belief in an objective reality outside of ourselves. Massaro suggests temporarily ejecting the notion of an external world, perceiving everything as 100% subjective. By suspending the assumption of a physical reality and recognizing that everything is a creation of our consciousness, we unlock a new level of possibility. This experiential shift allows us to explore the idea that we are not participants in an external sandbox but rather the creators of the entire universe.

Massaro reminds us that we are gods in our own right. As conscious creators, we possess the power to shape our experiences and manifest our desires. It is a profound understanding that we are not separate from the universe but intimately connected to it. By embracing our divine nature, we transcend the limitations of the ego and tap into the infinite wellspring of our creative potential. This realization invites us to explore the depths of our consciousness and live in alignment with our true essence.

Bentinho challenge us to sift through the layers of perception and embrace our role as conscious creators. By recognizing that we have never truly received anything, but rather given life to our experiences, we step into our true power. Embracing the idea of subjective reality and understanding that we are the creators of the universe, we free ourselves from the constraints of external circumstances. As we journey deeper into self-discovery and embrace our divine nature, we unlock the infinite creative potential within us and shape our lives according to our highest vision.