Seeing and Being Your Calling by Bentinho Massaro
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Seeing and Being Your Calling: Unlocking Your Creative Potential

In our pursuit of fulfillment and purpose, we often find ourselves trapped in a cycle of limitations and self-doubt. We tend to focus on what we believe is impossible or unattainable, inadvertently stifling our creative energy and hindering our progress. Bentinho Massaro, a spiritual teacher and visionary, encourages us to shift our perspective and embrace the power of conscious imagination. By aligning our thoughts with the positive possibilities and abundance of our calling, we can tap into our innate creativity, transform our lives, and fulfill our highest potential.

According to Massaro, we are all inherently creative and resourceful beings. However, we often misdirect this creative energy by fixating on what we perceive as impossible or beyond our reach. This self-fulfilling prophecy keeps us stuck and prevents us from making a real difference in our lives. To break free from this pattern, we must become conscious of our thoughts and actively choose to focus on the positive aspects of our desires. By picturing our goals with positivity, we unlock a wealth of creative energy and resourcefulness that was previously untapped.

Massaro emphasizes that when we live in alignment with our true calling, we tap into a universal archetype that recognizes the limitless possibilities available to us. By connecting with this essence, we no longer need to play small or doubt our potential. However, as human beings, we sometimes get lost in the constraints of physical reality and overthink our circumstances. It is essential to continually check in with ourselves and consciously choose to focus on the side of possibility and abundance. This shift in perspective enables us to transcend limitations and propel us towards our calling with unwavering confidence and purpose.

To fully embody our calling, we must align our thoughts, beliefs, and visualizations with the positive nature of our desires. Every topic we think about can either be perceived as lacking or abundant, impossible or possible. By consciously choosing to envision and feel the presence of what we desire, we activate our creative powers and set in motion a cascade of inspired actions. It is crucial to monitor our thoughts and visualizations, ensuring they align with our aspirations. This self-observation is devoid of judgment but employs discernment, guiding us towards the path of alignment and self-realization.

By shedding the man-made structures and limitations of our lives, we create space for true creativity and fulfillment. This emptiness, far from being feared, becomes a fertile ground from which genuine inspiration and innovative ideas arise. As we let go of attachment to structure and certainty, we can fully embrace the potential of the present moment. In this state, we can engage in activities that bring us pure joy, obsess over details that light us up, and effortlessly experience a profound sense of fulfillment. Embracing uncertainty and non-structure becomes addictive, as it allows us to tap into the infinite well of our creative potential.

Bentinho remind us of our inherent creative abilities and the transformative power of consciously imagining and embodying our calling. By shifting our focus from what is impossible to what is abundant and possible, we unleash a wellspring of creativity and resourcefulness within ourselves. When we align our thoughts, beliefs, and actions with the positive aspects of our desires, we open the door to endless possibilities and fulfillment. Embracing emptiness and uncertainty becomes a gateway to self-discovery, allowing us to realize our true potential as infinite creators. Through small adjustments and consistent trust-building, we can embark on a remarkable journey towards living our calling and manifesting extraordinary realities.