5 Simple Ways to Release Yourself from Overthinking

Thoughts, while magnificent tools, can sometimes become relentless. Have you ever felt the need to simply press pause? The essence of our well-being often lies in those quiet moments between our thoughts. As Bentinho often mentions, the idea isn’t to eliminate thoughts but to find balance, to breathe, and to center ourselves.

Here are five straightforward ways to bring yourself back to the now, drawing upon Ben’s wisdom:

  1. Just Stop: Sounds straightforward, right? While it might seem challenging initially, practice will make it easier. The idea is not to project your awareness into thoughts but to remain anchored in your present self.
  2. Observe and Relax: By recognizing the tension in your body and mind that often comes with a continuous stream of thoughts, you can easily relax and release it. The awareness of the stress thoughts create within us is often all we need to let go.
  3. Focus on the Now: When you channel all your attention to the present moment, thoughts about the past or the future lose their grip. By concentrating wholly on the present, you deprive those overpowering thoughts of the attention they need to survive.
  4. Be Uninterested: This might be the easiest yet most profound advice. When you realize in a given moment that thoughts serve no purpose, simply be uninterested. This attitude shifts your focus from chaotic thinking to serene consciousness.
  5. Ignore Them: Turn away from those pesky thoughts. By actively choosing to ignore them, you allow silence to replace the noise. And in that silence, you’ll find the true essence of who you are.

It’s like the difference between holding your breath underwater and finally coming up for air. Those precious seconds of clarity are akin to taking a rejuvenating deep breath, freeing us from the shackles of incessant thinking. Bentinho believes, and rightfully so, that even a second of this clarity can rejuvenate our spirits.

Quote: “The silence itself is your essence. It is from which place you already notice thoughts when they are present.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference:
“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

The concept of stillness, of pausing and recognizing a higher power or the essence of our being, is universal across spiritual teachings.

By practicing these methods regularly, you will not only find a sense of calm but also a deeper connection with your true self. After all, as Bentinho emphasizes, our essence is that of silence, peace, and presence.