The Essence of Relationship Agreements: Reflections on Inner Alignment and True Connection

When we consider the vast intricacies of human relationships, it might seem like a complex web, difficult to navigate. However, if we pause and delve deeper, we’ll find it’s all about us. Bentinho, often emphasizes that “it’s always an inside job”. Relationships, as many perceive them, aren’t real in the traditional sense. What truly exists is an “agreement”, a mere thought form.

There’s an individual – a reflection of ourselves in some way – present in every relationship. Bentinho has often referred to these reflections as a means to understand our inner selves. If we experience negative feelings or fear in a relationship, it isn’t necessarily about the other person or external events. Rather, it reveals more about our own beliefs and feelings. It’s an indication of an internal misalignment.

Ben’s insights suggest that when we encounter negative feelings, we shouldn’t instinctively pull away. Instead, it’s a call for introspection, an opportunity to realign our beliefs. These feelings aren’t about the lack, but rather a sign of reaching a new level of clarity. By approaching negative emotions as opportunities, we can transition into feeling positive about these discoveries.

At the core of his teachings, Bentinho stresses the importance of recognizing our intrinsic worth and the value of others. Recognizing this concept will liberate us from many of the constraints we often feel in relationships. It’s about understanding that everyone is free to be who they are, and so are we.

However, it’s crucial to be honest with ourselves. This honesty shouldn’t be limited to the context of relationships but should be a consistent attitude in life. Such an approach ensures clarity, helping us understand whether we are genuinely resonating with someone or avoiding confronting our fears and insecurities.

Bentinho often challenges the conventional understanding of relationships. If the purpose of a relationship has served its course, why hold on? Just because two souls connect doesn’t mean they’re meant to be in a physical relationship forever. Recognizing when a relationship has fulfilled its purpose and moving on is a sign of maturity and growth.

Ben’s wisdom also touches upon our desires. He asks, when you imagine your perfect partner or any other dream, do you embody the frequency they represent to you? You can’t truly meet someone or achieve something until you’ve aligned with the vibratory essence it represents. And when that desire is right in front of you, would you appreciate it or cling to it? It’s about mastering the relationship with our desires even before they materialize.

In sum, Bentinho Massaro’s insights on relationship agreements stress the importance of inner alignment, self-growth, and genuine connection. It’s about remembering and living from the space of our infinite potential, worth, and love. When we embrace this understanding, the people and experiences we attract will consistently mirror this newfound state of being.