Reiki Lessons

Reiki Lesson 1 – Level 1

Time Markers for the Video:

24:27 a good place to repeat and practice principles and self healing techniques.

48:55 Reiki Self treatment.

53:20 Self treatment hand positions

58:20 Preparing to heal others

01:03:55 Invocation and hand placements to heal others

01:12:20 rapid reiki treatment

01:14:57 URT Intro

01:16:28 Ultradian Rhythm Technique

01:18:25 Thymus Gland for a quick boost

01:19:20 Group Healing

01:18:40 reiki pregnancy and children

01:25:35 Reiki Brings Comfort to those crossing over.

01:28:50 Nine Common Traits of Near Death Experience

01:31:55 Use Your Imagination With Reiki

01:36:39 Final Thoughts About Reiki One

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