Redefining Hard Work: How Being True to Yourself is the Real Effort

We’ve often heard, “Work hard to get what you want.” But is this the whole truth? Bentinho says it’s a bit twisted. The real deal? It’s not about sweating it out 24/7. It’s about being in tune with yourself. That’s right, being you is what the Creator wants.

Alignment: The True ‘Hard Work’

The actual ‘hard work’ is to align with your true self. When you’re in sync with who you are, you attract what you desire – be it love, joy, support, or abundance. It’s like tuning a radio to the right station. Once you’re aligned, the music of life plays beautifully.

Bliss: Your Work Uniform

Here’s the cool part: Your job is to be in bliss! Yep, when you’re blissful, you’re in the right vibe to receive all the good stuff. It’s like wearing a uniform for work, but this uniform is your bliss!

A Word of Caution: The Comparison Trap

Now, here’s a tip. Don’t fall into the comparison trap. Comparing where you are with what you want can be a major joy-killer. It’s like walking backwards. Instead, feel confident. Imagine you’re the most confident person in the room, and that’s how you should feel about your life journey.

Bible Reference

This idea of being true to oneself and finding joy in it reminds me of a Bible verse, Psalm 37:4: “Delight yourself in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart.” It’s about finding joy in your spiritual path, and the rest follows.

The Mirror Effect

Remember, life is like a mirror. It reflects your inner state. So, keep your vibes positive and in line with what you truly desire. This way, your circumstances will start mirroring your inner bliss.

The Surprise Element: Be Open to Change

Sometimes, what we think we want isn’t really the best for us. Be open to surprises! The Universe might have something even better in store. Keep your focus on how you want to feel, not on specific outcomes.

Final Thoughts

Stay in your bliss, and let life do its magic. Your circumstances are just a reflection, not a definition of who you are. Keep feeling abundant, loved, and blissful, and watch as your life aligns with these feelings.

And there you have it! Hard work redefined. It’s about being in tune with your inner self and staying blissful. Thanks for joining in. Remember, every moment is precious. Spend it wisely and vibrantly!


“Stay in your bliss, and let life align with your true desires.”