In the realm of spirituality and self-discovery, the question of “Who am I?” often arises. Bentinho Massaro, a renowned spiritual teacher, offers a profound insight: “That you are is what you are.” It encourages us to go beyond the labels and concepts we use to define ourselves and discover the fundamental truth of our existence. This understanding, when embraced, can transform our interactions with others and our perception of the world around us.

When engaged in conversations, it’s easy to get lost in descriptions, fears, and the need to control how we come across. However, Bentinho suggests a different approach. By maintaining awareness of the fact that we exist, we tap into a deeper sense of being. This awareness allows us to detach from the ego’s need for validation and control, leading to liberation and freedom.

To practice this awareness, Bentinho suggests looking into someone’s eyes and simply being present. Discomfort and thoughts may arise, but the key is to maintain awareness of your existence without getting caught up in judgments or self-definitions. This practice gradually helps dissolve the illusion of separation, allowing us to experience oneness and interconnectedness with others.

As we deepen our awareness of being, our actions become more effortless, intelligent, and harmonious. We tap into infinite consciousness and open ourselves to being a channel of love, light, and awareness. Fear dissipates, and our expressions become natural and aligned with the higher purpose of the collective. We realize that we are not merely confined to this physical realm but are interconnected with the vastness of existence.

It’s important to note that this practice requires persistence and dedication. We may forget and get caught up in the distractions of daily life. However, as we habituate this awareness, it becomes a strong foundation for our being. We become more aligned with our true essence, and the illusion of individuality begins to fade away.

Ultimately, Bentinho’s insight reminds us of the transformative power of self-realization. By recognizing and maintaining awareness of our existence, we move beyond the limitations of ego and tap into the infinite wellspring of love, light, and awareness that resides within us. As we integrate this understanding into our daily lives, we become conduits for positive change, effortlessly manifesting our highest potential in service to the world around us.