Discovering Inner Purity: A Guide to Spiritual Cleansing by Bentinho Massaro

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s easy to lose sight of our true selves. Bentinho Massaro shares a profound insight into achieving inner purity through the practice of separation. This concept might sound counterintuitive at first, but it’s a journey towards realizing the absolute unity that exists within us all.

Massaro introduces us to the idea that our essence, or what we might call awareness, is beyond tangible. It’s not something you can point to or capture; it’s the formless, enduring space of pure knowing. This awareness is what we truly are, untouched by the physical or mental constructs we associate with.

The journey to purity involves detaching this awareness from the layers of concepts, beliefs, and identities we’ve accumulated over time. For instance, when we’re triggered by someone’s words, it’s an opportunity to explore what beliefs about ourselves made us react. Often, we find that we’ve identified too closely with our bodies or personalities, mistaking them for our true selves.

Massaro emphasizes that spiritual cleansing is not about adding something new to our lives but about uncovering and separating what we are not from what we are. This process of purification allows our awareness to become more refined, enabling us to perceive the world and ourselves more clearly.

The practice Massaro suggests is simple yet profound: separate yourself from everything. This doesn’t mean adopting a philosophy of isolation but rather discerning between your true self and everything else. By consistently choosing to detach from our perceived identities and attachments, we move closer to experiencing the unity that is our natural state.

This unity, as Massaro points out, is not something we create or achieve. It’s the underlying reality of all existence, the “isness” of things. Our spiritual practices, no matter how focused on separation, cannot alter this fundamental unity. Instead, they help us to recognize and align with it more fully.

In essence, the path to inner purity and unity with the infinite is a journey of subtraction. By letting go of what we are not, we come to experience the spaciousness, subtlety, and indescribable nature of our true awareness. This purified awareness then becomes a transparent lens through which we can perceive the true nature of reality.

Massaro’s teachings remind us that spiritual growth is about returning to our essence, to the purity that has always been within us. It’s a process of continual discovery, of peeling away the layers to reveal the luminous core of our being.


“Purification is not about acquiring something new; it’s about rediscovering and separating the true self from the clutter of life.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference:

“Create in me a clean heart, O God, and renew a right spirit within me.” – Psalm 51:10, Bible


The teaching of Purity involves a number of practices and techniques for cultivating greater levels of inner purity. Some of the key practices include:

Cultivating Self-Awareness: Massaro teaches that cultivating a deep sense of self-awareness is essential for developing greater levels of inner purity. By becoming more aware of our thoughts, emotions, and behaviors, we can begin to identify patterns and habits that are keeping us stuck in negative or limiting cycles.

Practicing Mindfulness: Mindfulness is another key practice for cultivating inner purity. By learning to observe our thoughts and emotions without judgment, we can gain greater insight into the nature of our own mind and become more attuned to the present moment.

Letting Go of Attachments: Massaro emphasizes the importance of letting go of attachments to external outcomes and experiences. By releasing our attachment to things outside of ourselves, we can become more internally focused and centered, and begin to cultivate a greater sense of inner peace and clarity.

Developing Compassion: Another important aspect of the teaching of Purity is the cultivation of compassion. By developing compassion for ourselves and others, we can begin to let go of judgment and criticism, and approach life with a greater sense of openness and acceptance.

Through the practice of these and other techniques, Massaro teaches that we can cultivate greater levels of inner purity and access higher states of consciousness. By focusing on cultivating inner purity, we can live more authentic, fulfilling lives, and become more attuned to the deeper spiritual dimensions of our existence.