In the journey of self-exploration, there comes a point where the balance between self-awareness and action in the outer world becomes a central theme. Bentinho Massaro’s teachings often emphasize this harmonious blend of inner realization and outer expression. As we delve into the essence of self-awareness, we uncover the potential to live a fulfilling life, harmonizing our inner essence with our worldly actions.

Ben suggests a profound yet simple understanding – the exploration of the “I am” experience, the core self, beyond the identity tied to the physical body and personal narratives. It’s about a gentle unfolding into a space where we are not just constantly “doing” but also “being.”

The simplicity of self-awareness lies in the practice of presence. A practice of momentarily letting go of our habitual identification with thoughts, beliefs, and personal stories, and instead, tuning into the awareness that is always present. It’s a step back from the clamor into a serene space of observation.

Ben illustrates this with a simple practice: take a deep breath, let go of your thoughts, and surrender your identities, even if momentarily, to the underlying presence, the expansive space within which all experiences arise. It’s a gentle reminder that beyond our personalities and life dramas, there is a field of awareness, a space of consciousness that remains untouched, ever-present, and fundamentally peaceful.

This quote from Bentinho Massaro enriches this understanding, “Self-awareness is not an endpoint, but a harmonious blend of understanding our inner essence and reflecting that understanding in our worldly engagements.”

In navigating this journey of self-awareness and action, the biblical adage, “Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10), beautifully encapsulates the essence of cultivating self-awareness while engaging in the world. It’s an invitation to recognize the divine essence within, the “I am” presence, and to carry that recognition into our daily interactions and endeavors.

This balance is not about negating the worldly pursuits but enriching them with a depth of self-awareness. It’s about moving in the world with a rootedness in our inner essence, where actions arise from a place of understanding and compassion, rather than mere reactive impulses.

So, as we go about our day, engaging in the myriad activities, let’s carry with us the subtle fragrance of self-awareness, the gentle reminder of our deeper essence, making our actions not just a pursuit but a beautiful expression of our true self.