Just as the ocean contains multiple layers, each with its own unique current and color, human consciousness, as illustrated by Bentinho, operates on various layers or frequencies. Each of these layers contains its own perspectives, beliefs, and understanding of existence.

To illustrate this, imagine a diagram depicting the various layers of the ocean. Each section, separated by different colors, signifies different layers or levels of consciousness. Within each of these layers, unique beliefs or perspectives reside, influencing the way we perceive our experiences.

An intriguing observation, made evident by many spiritual seekers, including those influenced by Bentinho, is that what once feels like ultimate freedom can, over time, become another layer of belief. These beliefs often evolve from the need to validate our worthiness. Society, our upbringing, and our environments often reinforce the belief of being “unworthy.”

However, to find true freedom, it is essential to recognize the limitations of these layers. By acknowledging and confronting these beliefs head-on, we pave the way for growth. Bentinho often suggests embracing these beliefs instead of challenging them. The moment we admit, “It’s true, I feel unworthy,” we release the internal tension.

But what happens when we accept this uncomfortable truth? Is admitting to feeling unworthy tantamount to surrendering to a life of mediocrity? Not quite. As Bentinho stresses, this admittance is not about accepting defeat but rather moving beyond a specific layer of belief. By confronting and embracing these limiting beliefs, we open ourselves up to ascend to higher frequencies or layers of consciousness.

One might wonder why we should confront these feelings of unworthiness. Isn’t it more comfortable to continue in our search for validation? In the words of Bentinho, continuously striving to prove our worth is an endless battle, one that only reinforces the belief of unworthiness. Only by accepting and sitting with this uncomfortable feeling can we move forward. And when we do, the next layer of consciousness awaits, offering a more expansive perspective, more aligned with the universal truth of oneness.

In conclusion, the journey of navigating through the layers of consciousness is not about seeking external validation or striving for perfection. It’s about introspection, acceptance, and growth. It’s about understanding that while certain perspectives might see us as unworthy, there are countless others that perceive us as perfect just as we are. The true freedom lies not in shunning these beliefs but in embracing them and moving beyond. And as Bentinho often emphasizes, that journey, though challenging, is deeply rewarding.