Navigating Desires: A Guide to Aligning with Your True Expansion

Have you ever found yourself chasing after something you thought you wanted, only to realize it didn’t bring you the fulfillment you expected? This is a common experience, and it often stems from not being fully aligned with our true desires and expansion. Bentinho Massaro shares insights on how to navigate this journey more effectively.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that our desires are not just about the physical manifestations. They’re about the expansion of our being. When we desire something, it’s already created on a vibrational level. The key is to have faith and stay true to that desire, allowing it to manifest in the physical realm.

This approach requires a shift in focus from the external to the internal. Instead of being dependent on our physical senses and the material world, we need to tune into our inner expansion. This means letting go of limiting beliefs and arguments with our own growth. It’s about embracing a more natural and expansive way of being.

When we align with this expansive state, we find that our meditations become more effortless and energized. We’re no longer trying to reach a state of oneness through force; instead, we naturally resonate with the universe’s wholeness. Our thoughts become more elevated, creating new universes and allowing source thinking to flow through us.

This alignment also brings a sense of freedom. We no longer feel the need to control anything or anyone because we’re in a state of exuberance and bliss. We stop fact-checking our experiences and start living in what Bentinho calls “future presence.” This is a state where we’re so aligned with our expansion and the universe that the physical world becomes less relevant.

In this state, we’re free from the constraints of the physical reality. As Bentinho says, “To the disciplined seeker, everything is free and open.” This means that when we prioritize our frequency over the facts of the world, everything we need is provided to us instantly.

Navigating our desires is not about chasing after material things but about aligning with our true expansion. It’s about becoming more in tune with the universe and our inner being. By doing so, we can experience true freedom and fulfillment beyond the physical realm.

Quote: “True freedom is found when you care more about your frequency than the facts of this world.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference: “Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.” – Matthew 7:7, The Bible

Summary Points:

  • Fact-checking desires creates doubt and blocks manifestation. Constantly looking for external validation of your desires keeps you in a state of lack.
  • Faith is more powerful than physical ‘facts’. The universe responds to your energy and beliefs. The concept of “ask and it is given” highlights this.
  • Focus on expanding your state of being. Prioritize becoming the best version of yourself over simply attaining material desires.
  • Free yourself from the need for external validation. Increased energy, clarity, and peace come from trusting your inner knowing.

Inspired Actions:

  • Shift your focus. Instead of dwelling on whether your desires are manifesting, concentrate on feeling joyful, abundant, and aligned with your expansion.
  • Practice faith. Believe that what you’ve asked for is already on its way. Trust in the process of the universe.
  • Prioritize inner growth. Dedicate time to practices that elevate your state of being (meditation, gratitude, spending time in nature, etc.)
  • Let go of control. Release the need to micromanage every aspect of how your desires will manifest. Trust that the universe will handle the details.