Bentinho Massaro emphasizes the significance of choosing our thoughts mindfully and deliberately. According to Massaro, we often underestimate the power and freedom that comes with this choice. He asks us to reach for the best feeling thought we have access to in the present moment, explaining that any thought better than our previous one is already an achievement. Massaro implies that with this realization, we can transition from being slaves to masters of our own reality, from being victims to creators of our own experiences.

Bentinho stresses that our thoughts and experiences are not external but are created within our consciousness. We often perceive our reality as outside ourselves when, in fact, it’s an illusion. We have never truly experienced an ‘out there’ because all our experiences are processed ‘in here,’ within our consciousness. He asserts that we are the common ground for all experiences, and our consciousness is the center point of all creation. In this light, our thoughts have the power to shape our reality and dictate which parallel reality we tune into.

He urges us to get into the habit of consciously picking our thoughts, to see this not only as an ability but as a duty. Massaro believes it’s our purpose to co-create our experiences through our choices. For instance, he encourages us to choose thoughts like “I’m amazing,” “Life is epic,” and genuinely believe in these affirmations, not for their feel-good factor, but as actual observations of truth. The idea is to acknowledge our unique existence, the trillions of cells that make up our bodies, the integrity we maintain in challenging situations, and the goodness of our hearts.

In a nutshell, this is a potent reminder that we’re incredible beings, and our thoughts play a substantial role in how we perceive ourselves and our reality. By choosing our thoughts consciously and positively, we can align ourselves with the truth of our existence, thereby realizing our epicness. We are urged to tap into this power of thought, to see ourselves from various angles of awesomeness, and to constantly choose thoughts that celebrate our existence and our potential.