Magical Creations – Question and Answer by Bentinho

Bentinho dives into the topic of how our minds tend to be pulled into two polarities when it comes to creating our reality. We often find ourselves oscillating between hoping for a specific external circumstance to bring us abundance and security, or taking on additional responsibilities to secure our financial well-being. Bentinho encourages us to shift our perspective and reminds us that magic, not rational thinking, is what truly shapes our reality.

He invites us to embrace the idea of banking on life itself, rather than placing our hopes on external factors or circumstances. By opening up to the limitless possibilities of magic and surrendering our rational expectations, we create space for the unexpected and unknown to unfold. Instead of narrowing our focus to predetermined patterns, Bentinho suggests trusting in the flow of life and being open to the countless ways in which magic can manifest.

Fear, he explains, arises from a belief in lack. When we fear the future or worry about financial stability, it stems from our underlying belief that we lack something. Bentinho reminds us that fear is an indicator of our beliefs and shows us where we can expand our understanding of abundance. By embracing a mindset of abundance and trusting in the magic of creation, we can release our fears and allow for new and unexpected forms of support to enter our lives.

Ultimately, Bentinho emphasizes the importance of finding the balance between being radical in our intentions and actions, while also honoring what truly resonates with us. He encourages us to follow our inner joy and let it guide our choices, ensuring that any radical steps we take align with a broader sense of purpose and excitement. By staying open, trusting in life, and embracing the magic within, we can experience the joy and fulfillment of creating our own magical realities.