When we hold on too tightly to desires and expectations, we strangle the very life we hope to nurture. Like crushing a flower in our hand, gripping too firmly what we wish to manifest creates a vibration of lack rather than allowing.

As Bentinho Massaro teaches, being open handed allows what is meant for us to flow effortlessly into our experience. It is about letting go of control and trusting in the perfection of the universe.

Imagine placing a flower gently in your open palm. You can cradle it sweetly, appreciating its beauty without clinging to it. Know that if you loosen your grasp, it will come back to you as it is meant to. This illustrates the open handed state of allowing what is for your highest good to unfold.

Trust that you have the power to love unconditionally when you let go of needing things to manifest a certain way. When you prioritize feeling good over how your desires show up, you gain the maturity to understand that true bliss lies within, not in chasing external experiences.

As soon as love becomes conditional, past pains inevitably follow. But when you radiate unconditional love outward, what is in vibrational alignment will be drawn to you effortlessly. This applies not just to romantic relationships but to all opportunities.

Rather than waiting anxiously for a single seed you planted to sprout, constantly plant new intentions. Move forward in creating without being attached to how past desires manifest. Your higher self will deliver what you are meant to experience in perfect timing. The more seeds of joyful imagination you plant, the more flowers you will enjoy.

You contain infinite worthiness and love within. When you freely radiate this outwards, relationships and experiences that uplift you will flow to you naturally. Know that you are the creator of your reality. Life becomes an effortless garden nourishing you abundantly when you let go and open your hand to receive it.

“For what will it profit a man if he gains the whole world and forfeits his soul? Or what shall a man give in return for his soul?” – Matthew 16:26