As spiritual beings on a human journey, we often overlook the profound power of conscious choice and free will. It is crucial to understand that everything that happens in our lives is a result of our own consent and choices, guided by our higher consciousness. Although we may not always be aware of the choices we make on a conscious level, our overall consciousness orchestrates our experiences and their timing. While in the early years of our lives, we may delegate certain responsibilities to our unconscious or subconscious minds, it is our duty and honor to reclaim our conscious mastery and align ourselves with our true desires and purpose.

In our society, it is natural for us to delegate certain responsibilities to the unconscious aspects of our being, as we may feel immature or lacking perspective. However, as we grow and gain a deeper understanding of ourselves, it becomes essential to reclaim our conscious responsibility for our experiences. Taking up this responsibility is not a burden, but rather a joyous expression of honoring our desires, alignment, and authentic selves. By doing so, we can consciously co-create our reality and fulfill the purpose we came here to embody.

As we consciously grow and evolve, we begin to bridge the gap between our conscious and unconscious aspects of being. Although we may label certain parts of our consciousness as unconscious or subconscious, they are not truly unconscious. They are simply unconscious to our current level of awareness. By deliberately and vibrationally caring for ourselves, honoring our desires, and taking intentional actions, we start integrating more and more of our unconscious aspects into our conscious responsibility. This process unifies our consciousness, leading to a heightened state of alignment with our true selves.

Throughout our journey, we never truly lose our free will; rather, we temporarily store it away by delegating it to other aspects of our consciousness. However, as we regain perspective and consciously align with our desires, our free will naturally expands. This newfound free will brings forth a spiritual power—an energy that empowers us to effortlessly manifest our intentions and move through life in deliberate alignment. Embracing our dreams and daring to envision a grander life is the key to unleashing our free will and realizing our innate power.

To honor our alignment and live in alignment with our true selves, we must embrace the conscious choices and free will available to us. Remember, everything that happens is a result of our consent and choices made by our higher consciousness. By reclaiming our conscious responsibility and aligning ourselves with our desires, we unify our consciousness and expand our energy and power. Let us dare to dream big, for it is through the pursuit of our dreams that we find freedom from struggle and fear. Align with your purpose, allow inspiration, and navigate your life with conscious choice and unwavering belief in your innate power.