What Will Be? Harnessing the Power of Vibrational Control

The universe has a unique way of perceiving our reality, one that is vastly different from our conventional understanding. When we speculate about the future, we often use phrases like “it’s about to arrive.” Yet, in the vast expanse of the cosmos, the spirit perceives an overabundance of everything we could ever wish for, already present within our consciousness.

Bentinho suggests that everything we desire is already within our grasp. It’s just waiting for us to realize it. These desires and dreams don’t come from outside forces, but from within, from the depth of our feelings and our vibrational state. The universe is not responding to our current situation, but rather to how we feel about it.

The past and the present, as we understand them, are not necessarily indicators of the future. Bentinho emphasizes that there’s no inherent connection between what currently “is” and what “will be.” The only connection comes from our own perceptions. If we continue to dwell in our current situation without changing our feelings or perspective, we’re merely replaying our past, allowing it to dictate our future.

The Bible echoes this: “Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.” – Mark 11:24. This verse highlights the power of belief and how our convictions shape our reality.

So, if you’re looking to reshape your future, to bring about the dreams and desires you’ve always hoped for, focus on your vibrational state. Remember that how you feel at this moment is what the universe is listening to. As Bentinho says, “The universe takes its cue from you.”

When things go awry, when life throws a curveball, it’s easy to get wrapped up in the situation. But Bentinho urges us to shift our focus. Instead of trying to control the situation, focus on controlling your vibration. It’s about switching from situational control to vibrational control. By doing so, we regain our power and communicate with the universe on a deeper level.

As Bentinho reminds us:

“You are the bridge, the key, the communicator of your future. The future is called into presence by how you feel now.”

In essence, we shape our futures not by trying to control every situational detail but by attending to our vibrational state. By acknowledging this, and driving this understanding deep into our hearts, we find the power to reshape our destinies.

Quote: “The universe takes its cue from you.” – Bentinho Massaro