You Are the Center of Your Vortex

We all possess an intrinsic connection to the universe, one that is omnipresent and eternally accessible. Bentinho, often reminds us of this connection. He asserts that consciousness is ever-present, echoing the idea that we’re not moving from one place to another in our journey of growth. Instead, we are always at the center of our own creation – our vortex.

This vortex isn’t about gravitating toward something external. It’s about recognizing the magnetism within us. Every potential, every dream, every aspiration already exists. The sequence in which these visions become visible depends on our vibratory state – a culmination of our desires, beliefs, expectations, and the energies we project.

The power of attraction lies not outside, but within. You are that magnet, drawing the slides of creation closer to you. By grounding yourself in the present moment, basking in a state of appreciation, joy, and expectation, you pave the way for experiences to manifest. However, a pivotal realization is essential: rid yourself of any feelings of lack.

It’s easy to desire something and project its location elsewhere, leading us to believe it’s out of reach. However, as Bentinho wisely puts it, when we do so, we create a separation, a chasm between our current state and our desires. This separation feeds into our insecurities and beliefs of incompleteness.

By focusing on what we lack, we emit a vibratory state that tells the universe, “It’s not here.” Even if we visualize our dreams with the utmost clarity, if our underlying sentiment is one of longing, of not having, the universe echoes that sentiment back to us.

The key, as Ben illustrates, is to understand that everything is already within us. When you desire something, view it as a symbol, a reminder that its essence lies within you. Feel its frequency, its vibrational energy, and let it fill your being. The crucial difference is to feel that it is already here, with no distance separating you from it.

Such confidence might come across as arrogance to some, but in the spiritual realm, it represents empowerment. It’s about knowing that you are the epicenter of the universe, that you are divine. This form of “arrogance” is not about superiority, but about recognizing the infinite power within.

Manifesting our desires requires us to feel powerful, expansive, and free. It’s about feeling that everything cycles through us. We don’t chase our dreams; we attract them. The universe is a reflection of our inner state. Therefore, if you sense lack, your surroundings will mirror that sentiment.

For genuine transformation, it’s imperative to be creative, not merely reflective. Our thoughts are in a perpetual state of becoming, evolving into fuller experiences. To manifest the life we desire, we must change our vibratory state. Instead of merely reacting to our circumstances, we should project the energies we wish to embody.

In Bentinho’s words, the challenge and beauty lie in becoming slightly “delusional,” transcending what is to envision what could be. This shift allows us to be creators rather than mere reflectors, thus actualizing our desires and living in harmony with the center of our vortex.