Unraveling the Power of Abundance

In life’s vast tapestry of experiences, there comes a point where we’re struck by the magnitude of what we want, versus what we believe we can have. Bentinho, with his unique insights into the human psyche, sheds light on a method to tap into our inherent abundance and truly do what we want.

Understanding Your Spending Power

The core of Bentinho’s message revolves around a crucial sentiment: emphasize what you have rather than what you lack. When you’re at a store, do you focus on what you can’t buy or do you celebrate what you can? Even if you have just two dollars, there’s a sense of power in recognizing the myriad things you can do with it.

The Method of Amplification

Bentinho stresses that it’s not just about understanding, but about adopting a method. This method involves looking at things, whether in your immediate reality or in your imagination, and activating a feeling of capability. For instance, even if you only possess ten dollars, envisioning it spent in various ways amplifies its value. Imagine vibrationally spending that amount a hundred times a day, and suddenly you’re dealing with the energy of ten thousand dollars.

Embracing Both Sides of the Flow

Here’s where it gets profound: Bentinho believes that abundance doesn’t discriminate between giving and receiving. It’s all part of the same energetic flow. He mentions how some people become adept at receiving, yet they stagnate when it comes to giving. The essence of abundance, however, lies in understanding that giving is as empowering as receiving.

The Abundance Mindset

In essence, step into the vibration of “I can”. It’s about recognizing the endless possibilities and understanding that, in many instances, you could achieve what you want right now. By consistently reaffirming this sentiment, you transition from a state of lack to one of boundless capability.

In the words of Bentinho, “Abundance is the expansive movement of Consciousness extending upon itself.” So why not tap into this expansive energy and truly start living in the vibration of “I can”?

“Abundance is not about having, it’s about feeling. Dive into the vibration of ‘I can’.”