God and Unity: Merging with the Infinite

Trying to understand the vastness of existence, we often stumble upon the idea that everything around us is, in essence, a manifestation of God. Bentinho brings us closer to the truth that lies within and all around us.

Ben reminds us that to truly grasp this idea, we must constantly remind ourselves that everything is God. This includes every aspect of our existence, without exception. When we accept that only God exists, a transformation begins within our minds. This isn’t about entering a state of sleepiness, but rather a state of merging or blending, where our consciousness becomes one with the divine.

This non-conceptual, inseparable reality allows us to perceive unity directly. It’s a lived experience, beyond mere intellectual understanding. In this state, there’s no room for the illusion of separateness. Thoughts may still arise, but they no longer dominate our existence. They become like a river merging into the vastness of the ocean, losing its individuality but not its essence.

At the moment of this profound realization, where everything becomes God, our minds attain a natural stillness. This isn’t about suppression or absence, but about vivid existence and knowingness without the urge to separate from the natural state of all things. Within this unity, there’s diversity, but it’s playful, spontaneous—a dance of illusion, yet profoundly real.

Ben’s teachings emphasize that this understanding doesn’t eliminate desire or passion. Instead, it transforms them. Our desires and expressions might change, as many are born from not knowing this source directly. However, recognizing that everything is God, our seeking energy finds its source, and the discernment ends.

This realization doesn’t mean abandoning worldly pursuits. You can still engage in life’s activities, start new ventures, or enjoy personal growth. These are not contrary to spirituality. The myth that spiritual living looks a particular way is a misconception. Spirituality encompasses all aspects of life, for everything is a manifestation of the divine.

This profound understanding, however subtle, deeply influences our collective consciousness. It challenges the assumptions we hold in our spiritual journeys and invites us to embrace the entirety of existence as a manifestation of God.

Spiritual Reference:
Psalm 46:10 in the Bible says, “Be still, and know that I am God.” This verse resonates deeply with the concept of recognizing everything as a manifestation of God, urging us to find stillness and awareness in the divine presence that encompasses us.