Freewill is Your Responsibility: Embracing Your Inner Power

In the realm of spirituality, there is a fundamental truth that we must confront and embrace: freewill is our responsibility. Consciousness inherently knows only freedom of choice. Everything that transpires in our lives, every experience we have, is a result of our own consent and choices. It may seem as though events happen to us, but in reality, they happen through us and by us. Initially, upon birth and during the early years of immaturity, we delegate certain responsibilities to what we perceive as our unconscious or subconscious mind. However, as we grow and gain perspective, we have the opportunity to reclaim our conscious mastery and expand our capacity for conscious choice

Taking up conscious responsibility is not a burden or an obligation; it is an honor, a joy, and a path to self-realization. By consciously aligning ourselves with our desires, our true nature, and our vibrational harmony, we reclaim the power we once delegated. We recognize that our unconscious mind is not truly unconscious; it is merely unconscious to this level of our awareness. The separation we perceive between our conscious and unconscious is an illusion we create. As we grow and remember who we truly are, we begin to bridge this gap, unifying our consciousness into a seamless flow.

The journey towards regaining our freewill and power starts with daring to dream big. We must not shy away from our desires or fear aligning with our purpose. By embracing our dreams, we learn to navigate our lives with less resistance and fear. Dedication to our dreams leads us to freedom from struggle. We create effortlessly when our imagination and actions are in alignment. By consciously choosing our state of being and vibrating in harmony with our desires, we tap into a vital spiritual power within us. This power is not one of control or domination but of alignment, a state where we can move mountains with ease.

As we increase our conscious awareness, align with our higher selves, and reclaim our free will, we awaken to a profound truth. We are not separate physical beings in an objective universe; we are the creators of our reality. We begin to perceive ourselves as the energy that generates our environment. The malleable nature of this energy responds to our deliberate and intentional vibrational creations. We understand that we are shaping our circumstances and environment through our state of being. In this expanded awareness, we experience a profound unity, feeling less like separate individuals and more like the creators of our own universe.

Reclaiming our freewill and embracing our responsibility is a transformative journey. As we align with our desires and consciously shape our reality, we tap into our innate power. The more we expand our consciousness, the more we realize that we are the generators of our environment and circumstances. Our perception shifts from seeing ourselves as physical beings in a separate universe to realizing that we are the field of consciousness shaping our experience. This understanding brings us closer to non-duality and the realization of our interconnectedness with all that is. So dare to dream big, embrace your inner power, and become the conscious creator of your reality.