Embarking on a Blissful Journey: Discovering Your True Self

Embracing the journey of self-discovery is akin to embarking on an expedition into the unknown. Often the false self, a concoction of societal expectations and personal illusions, clouds the serene essence of our real self. Bentinho Massaro illuminates the path to discovering the true self, which he describes as an overwhelming natural bliss that is usually overshadowed by our mental identifications.

Here’s a simplistic dive into five practicable ways Bentinho suggests for interrupting the false self and embarking on a journey toward discovering the real self:

  1. Tracing the Mind’s Root:
    Seek the origin of your mind. Venture inward until the chatter of the mind fades. The more you explore the depths of your mental landscape, the closer you get to experiencing interruptions of the false self. Bentinho suggests that in doing this diligently, the illusory mental state dissipates, unveiling the natural bliss inherent in the real self.
  2. Unfazed Existence:
    Embrace a stance where nothing external holds interest or sway over you. Let events, thoughts, and emotions flow through you without attachment. In such moments, Bentinho posits that a pervasive changelessness emerges, illuminating the essence of your true self.
  3. Discover the Innermost ‘Me’:
    Amidst the changing tapestry of life, delve inward to find the unchanging ‘me’. Let the external tableau of life be as it is while you journey inward to uncover the real ‘me’ nestled within your being.
  4. Life as a Dream:
    Cultivate a perspective where life’s occurrences are viewed as fleeting dream sequences, devoid of substance. As you foster this perception, the solidity of the external world lessens, creating room for the light of the real self to shine through.
  5. Reflect like a Mirror:
    Assume a mirroring stance towards the world around, devoid of preferences or desires. Reflecting reality without biases or attachment, according to Bentinho, facilitates a breakthrough into the blissful realm of the real self.

In every nugget of Bentinho’s wisdom, there’s an invitation to relinquish the entanglement with the false self. It’s a call to adventure, to explore the boundless landscape of our being, shedding away the veils of illusion, and embracing the overwhelming natural bliss of our true self.

As we journey within, armed with these practicable ways, we edge closer to echoing the profound truth enshrined in the Biblical verse, “The Kingdom of God is within you.”