In a world filled with fleeting moments of happiness and prolonged periods of sadness, Bentinho Massaro, fondly known as Ben, offers us a profound perspective. He highlights that the root cause of unhappiness is often the sense of self-importance, whereas true happiness is a by-product of making life about others and not oneself.

Ben emphasizes that when we feel ecstatic or overjoyed, it’s because we’ve somehow contributed to someone’s realization of truth. On the flip side, unhappiness stems from an inward focus, a persistent pondering about oneself. Interestingly, even a temporary distraction from one’s problems, like helping someone out, can provide momentary relief from sadness. Such distractions offer a temporary escape from our ‘personal bubble’ and introduce us to the vastness and interconnectedness of life.

One of the most potent insights Ben shares is about the concept of memory. The true realizations about oneself and the universe are not rooted in our past memories. Authentic understanding lies in the present, beyond the confines of our accumulated experiences. Thus, to experience true happiness, one must transcend the limitations of the individual self and embrace a greater purpose, a vision.

This brings us to the crux of Ben’s teachings – discovering one’s true calling. It’s this calling that provides direction, making life purposeful and fulfilling. He suggests that our calling can be verbalized using the formula: “My calling is people experiencing [specific feeling or realization].”

By reflecting on our happiest moments, especially those involving others, we can distill our unique calling. For example, if seeing someone transform from a place of darkness to light moves you deeply, your calling might be “people experiencing transformation from darkness to light.”

Knowing our calling then allows us to assess our life structure. Are our daily activities, relationships, and thoughts aligned with our true purpose? If not, it becomes clear why we might feel persistent unhappiness.

In the vast tapestry of life, having a defined purpose or calling is the thread that provides direction and meaning. It’s the compass guiding us towards unending happiness, as Ben so eloquently puts it. By understanding our true purpose and aligning our life around it, we can navigate the stormy seas of life with a clear sense of direction and find our way to the shores of true happiness.