Finding Your Inner Bliss: 5 Intuitive Approaches

We all strive to connect with our true selves, that inherent essence within that radiates overwhelming bliss. How can we unearth this, amidst the noise and chaos of our daily lives? Inspired by Bentinho Massaro’s teachings, let’s delve into five transformative ways to realize this inner serenity.

1. Uncover the Root of the Mind

The mind, with its ceaseless chatter, often veils our authentic self. By probing its core, curiously seeking its origin, we often find its clamor begins to fade. In this quietude, our true self, radiant and blissful, emerges.

“The very activity of looking for it makes the thinker disappear, and what shines forth is this natural overwhelming bliss.” – Bentinho Massaro

2. Embrace Indifference

Sometimes, it’s valuable to pause and tell ourselves that nothing truly holds our interest. By maintaining a stance of detachment, letting experiences flow without judgment, a profound sense of peace and our true identity surfaces.

3. Recognize the Innermost ‘Me’

In every experience, there’s a core sense of ‘me.’ By deeply exploring this essence within every circumstance, moving past the superficial, we get closer to our immutable, blissful nature.

4. See Life as a Dream

View your surroundings as if they’re ephemeral, lacking real substance. This perspective shift, realizing the dream-like quality of existence, can be liberating, ushering in a sense of lightness.

5. Reflect Without Bias

Imagine yourself as a mirror, reflecting the world without judgment or preference. This state of pure reflection, devoid of needs or desires, allows our true nature to shine brightly.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.” – Matthew 5:16, Bible

Discovering our inner bliss isn’t about adding more to ourselves but uncovering what’s already there. These methods serve as gentle reminders that, beneath the layers of daily life, lies an inexhaustible source of joy and peace. By practicing them, we take a step closer to our true essence, shedding the transient for the eternal.