Unleash Your True Calling: A Guide to Living with Purpose

“The secret of success is to find a calling that sets your soul on fire and then chase it with a stubborn offensive.” – Sarah Breathnach

In today’s hectic world, many of us feel disconnected from our true purpose or calling in life. We get caught up in routines, obligations, and societal expectations, losing touch with that inner voice that guides us towards genuine fulfillment. The path to finding your calling requires self-awareness, courage, and a willingness to explore outside your comfort zone.

The Bible reminds us in Jeremiah 29:11, “For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.” Our callings are planted within us by a higher power, waiting to be nurtured and expressed.

So how do you discover and live your calling? Start by examining your life with intention. Go through your home and belongings, holding each object and asking if it aligns with your deepest values and aspirations. This simple exercise promotes mindfulness. Then extend this practice to your relationships, career, and daily activities. Become aware of old patterns, habits, and motives that no longer serve you.

As you connect more deeply with your inner truth, you’ll gain glimpses into who you really are and what ignites your passion. This process frees you from limiting beliefs about needing a certain lifestyle, income, or possession to be happy. True fulfillment comes from embodying your calling each day, through the circumstances you’ve been given.

Picture your calling as the source energy and everything else – relationships, home, job – as temporary vessels to express it. By prioritizing your purpose over external conditions, you open to guidance revealing the perfect “architecture” for manifesting your calling, even if it seems unconventional.

On this journey, embrace flexibility and trust in the unknown. There may be periods of rest or routine that allow your calling to crystallize. Other times will require travel or letting go of possessions. The form doesn’t matter, only living as an embodiment of your life’s work.

When doubts arise about money, security or your path, pause and realign with your calling’s deeper resonance. Notice any lack beliefs and consciously choose to stay open and present. Life’s challenges reveal next steps when you’re truly attuned to the calling of your soul.

If this resonates, take the first step today. In the words of Rumi, “What you seek is seeking you.” Listen closely and have the courage to unleash your unique gift on the world.

Summary Points

  • Your calling is your deepest purpose: It’s about expressing your unique gifts and contributing to the world.
  • Start by decluttering your life: Physically decluttering your space mirrors the mental and emotional process of letting go of what doesn’t resonate with your calling.
  • True fulfillment comes from within: Your happiness and sense of purpose shouldn’t be dependent on external factors.
  • Embrace flexibility and non-attachment: Your calling will guide you intuitively. Be adaptable and open to unexpected opportunities.
  • Inner fulfillment is key: Focus on your inner state of joy and let that be your guiding compass.


  1. Declutter a space: Start small. Pick a drawer, closet, or even your desk. As you touch each item, ask yourself, “Does this align with my truest self and my sense of purpose?”
  2. Examine your commitments: Are your relationships, job, or other commitments supporting or draining your sense of purpose?
  3. Mindfulness practice: Spend a few minutes each day simply observing your thoughts and feelings without judgment. This fosters the non-attachment needed to align with your calling.
  4. Try something new: Explore a hobby, class, or volunteer opportunity that sparks your curiosity. See where it leads!
  5. Reflection time: Dedicate time to reflect on these questions:
    • What brings me deep joy and a sense of fulfillment?
    • What skills and talents do I naturally possess?
    • How can I use my gifts to make a positive impact?

Bentinho Massaro teaches that aligning with one’s true self and following excitement and joy are key in this process. Here are some key concepts that he emphasizes:

Aligning with one’s true self: According to Massaro, it is essential to align with one’s true self to find one’s calling. This involves being honest with oneself and identifying one’s core values, beliefs, and desires. When one is aligned with their true self, they are better able to tap into their intuition and make decisions that are in alignment with their authentic self.

Following excitement and joy: Massaro believes that following one’s excitement and joy is crucial in discovering one’s calling. He encourages individuals to pursue what excites them, what brings them joy, and what feels meaningful to them. By doing so, individuals can tap into their innate talents and passions and align with their life purpose.

Cultivating self-awareness: Massaro emphasizes the importance of cultivating self-awareness in finding one’s calling. This involves being aware of one’s thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and understanding how they impact one’s life. Self-awareness helps individuals identify their strengths and weaknesses, values, and beliefs, which can inform their decision-making and lead to personal growth.

Trusting intuition: Massaro believes that intuition is a powerful tool in discovering one’s calling. He encourages individuals to trust their intuition and follow their inner guidance, even if it goes against conventional wisdom or societal expectations.

Embracing change: Massaro teaches that change is an essential aspect of personal growth and discovering one’s calling. He encourages individuals to embrace change, take risks, and step out of their comfort zone to expand their horizons and discover new opportunities.

Taking responsibility for one’s life: Massaro emphasizes the importance of taking responsibility for one’s life and choices. He teaches that individuals have the power to create their reality and that they can shape their lives according to their vision and purpose. By taking responsibility for their lives, individuals can cultivate a sense of empowerment and control over their destiny.

By applying these principles, individuals can discover their unique purpose and direction, tapping into their innate talents, passions, and life purpose while fostering personal growth and self-discovery. Massaro’s teachings offer a holistic approach to finding one’s calling that integrates spiritual, emotional, and psychological aspects of personal development.