Protesting with Unity and Consciousness

Protesting is a natural human response to injustice. It’s a way to voice dissatisfaction and demand change. But when we protest, it’s essential to consider how we’re doing it. Are our actions and words coming from a deep-seated anger and division? Or are they inspired by unity and love?

Bentinho proposed a question: When you protest, are you driven by the remnants of your past, or are you grounded, staying centered amidst chaos? If we approach protests and demonstrations with the vision of unity and awakening, our efforts can be truly transformative.

Understanding the Endgame

The endgame, as Ben puts it, is the ultimate goal we’re striving for. In the context of protests, it’s the realization of a society that lives as one unified entity. This doesn’t mean ignoring injustices or refraining from taking action. Instead, it’s about coming from a place of unity and love in everything we do.

“Those with a strong Vision typically manifest it the fastest,” Ben mentioned. By this, he means that if we can visualize the harmonious world we want, and genuinely feel it in our hearts, our actions will align with this vision, leading us closer to that endgame.

Tuning Into Unity

All of us, despite our differences, share a common thread: a deep unity consciousness. This unity goes beyond skin color, heritage, or any external factor. As Ben beautifully put it, “all our differences serve as waves on the ocean of our unity.”

For our protests to be meaningful and impactful, we need to tap into this endgame unity. Stand firm in it. And let it guide our actions, words, and intentions. By coming from a place of unity, we become “vibrational alchemists,” turning our desires into realities.

Radical Acceptance and Conscious Choices

It’s okay to stand up against injustice. But we must be cautious that our actions don’t come from a place of division. Instead, we must choose love over opposition and unity over separation. This might sound like a cliché, but it’s a timeless truth.

Remember, our reactions shouldn’t stem from past biases or misconceptions. Instead, they should come from a conscious choice, grounded in unity and love.

In Conclusion

In these tumultuous times, it’s more important than ever to remember the power of unity. By grounding ourselves in unity consciousness and letting it guide our actions, we can create a world that is fair, just, and enlightened.

In Psalm 133:1, “Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!”

Quote: “All our differences serve as waves on the ocean of our unity.” – Bentinho Massaro