In these changing and uncertain times, it’s common to seek some form of stability. We often rely on external structures like health insurance, government support, or the idea that the world is a safe place. However, recent events like lockdowns and global crises have shown that these external means are not always reliable.

As Bentinho emphasizes, true stability and clarity come from within. It’s about understanding what is truly reliable in your life. He asks us to consider what never changes and is the source of all well-being, peace, and insight. This source is the common denominator in all our experiences, the unchanging ‘you’ that remains constant amidst life’s changes.

This notion aligns well with a spiritual perspective found in many traditions. For instance, the Bible says in Hebrews 13:8, “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” This echoes the idea of an eternal, unchanging presence in our lives.

Bentinho encourages us to look within and find stability in our own eternal nature, rather than seeking it in the ever-changing external world. He points out that while our bodies, thoughts, and circumstances change, our core experience of existence remains constant. This is the key to finding true stability.

He uses the analogy of windshield wipers on a car in the rain. They move rapidly in front of us, but we don’t get distracted by them; instead, we focus on the road ahead. Similarly, we can view thoughts, emotions, and external changes as distractions, helping us to stay focused on our inner stability.

In summary, during uncertain times, the best approach is to turn inward and discover the unchanging part of ourselves. This is where true stability and peace lie.


“You are an eternal entity, being. Nothing could ever possibly happen to you. You have my word, but find out for yourself.” – Bentinho