Bentinho Massaro offers us profound insights into the nature of our inner being. His teachings guide us toward the understanding that we exist in a state of freedom that is impervious to the circumstances of life, a state he calls the “unaffected self.” Through the lens of Massaro’s words, let’s delve into this transformative concept and discover how it can empower our everyday lives.

Bentinho speaks about our inherent freedom, not a kind of freedom that expresses indifference or detachment towards others, but a freedom that is so profound that nothing can influence it. When we say, “nothing means anything,” we are essentially affirming that nothing can affect our inner state unless we allow it. In this context, the “meaning” of anything lies solely within our interpretation and response to it.

What we strive for is a stabilization in our ‘self-transcendent state,’ the embodiment of unconditional love. This state does not mean we are detached from the world; it means we stand beyond its temporal sway, opening up to greater joy, liberation, and an innate humor that comes from this freedom. It’s a state of mind where love for the body and mind flows freely.

In situations of conflict, our primary, indeed our only, focus should be to remember our unaffected nature. Once we free ourselves from the entangling storylines, love automatically emerges from that freedom, flowing like a river. This love is like God’s love: beyond, yet intimately connected to, all appearances on the screen of consciousness.

We are God in essence, and as we remember this, our personal ‘aperture’ opens, allowing God’s unconditional love to flow through us. Our task, then, is to remember our freedom, not getting caught up in the storylines of separation and conflict.

Recognizing that freedom brings an automatic flow of love, regardless of the circumstances. With ultimate freedom, there’s nothing we need from anyone or anything, as we already exist beyond everything.

Though maintaining this state amidst the human drama can be challenging, it is nonetheless possible. The more we practice recognizing our freedom, the more proficient we become in allowing love to flow unconditionally, in all situations.

This state doesn’t necessarily mean liking everything that happens, but it does mean maintaining an open valve of appreciation, gratitude, and love, simply because we are free. We exist right here, right now, in this moment of mystery, beauty, and the gift of existence.

So let’s remember and embrace our unaffected self. In doing so, we tap into an inexhaustible source of freedom, love, and joy.