Why do we seek romantic love from others? Is it truly the other person we desire, or is it the state of being we experience when we fall in love?

When we first fall for someone, we become infatuated. We surrender completely, losing ourselves in the experience. We dance joyfully, uncaring of others’ opinions. This state of being in love brings tremendous fulfillment, but the source is not truly the other person.

The trigger may have been that particular individual, but what we’re actually enjoying is simply being in love. Our bodies and emotions don’t recognize the other; there is only the experience of love itself.

So why not cultivate that same infatuation and surrender with our own presence? Everything we desire from a romantic relationship can be found within. Unconditional love for ourselves allows us to fall in love with being, regardless of circumstances.

When seeking a partner, ask yourself: do I want the person, or do I want the quality of the state of being that arises when I’m with them? If you discover the state of being is what you truly want, you can let go of misplaced associations and turn within to find that love.

Go to the core of what you really desire. It is always a quality, never an object or achievement. At the core is the frequency of consciousness you wish to directly experience. Once you know what you truly want, you will find it in your own presence.

Fall in love with yourself. Discover the unconditioned, ecstatic state of being that you seek in another is always available within your own heart. Infuse your days with joyful surrender to the love that you are. Dance freely with spirit, at one with the divine presence that is you.