Consciousness as an Object: A Journey Beyond Understanding

Have you ever thought about consciousness? Not just as a feeling or awareness, but as something more, like an object? This idea might seem strange at first, but let’s dive into it together.

Bentinho talks about consciousness as an object. He suggested that everything we experience, every moment and thought, happens within consciousness. It’s like a big mirror reflecting our life.

But here’s the twist: Bentinho also said that there’s something beyond this consciousness, something we can’t quite grasp or understand. It’s like trying to look beyond the edge of the mirror. You know there’s more out there, but you can’t see it.

This concept might feel a bit confusing. Our minds are used to thinking in a straight line, but this idea asks us to think in circles, or maybe even question marks! It’s about realizing that there’s a realm beyond our usual experiences, a place that can’t be touched by our thoughts or feelings.

The beauty of this concept is in its mystery. It’s like a puzzle without a clear solution, an endless journey of discovery. And in this journey, we might find moments of incredible freedom. By understanding that everything happens within consciousness, we can see that our worries and troubles are just reflections. They’re not the complete reality.

Bentinho’s words echo the wisdom found in spiritual texts like the Bible. In 1 Corinthians 13:12, it says, “For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face.” This verse beautifully captures the idea that our current understanding is limited, like a reflection in a mirror, but there’s a deeper truth to be discovered.

So, let’s embrace this journey with open minds and hearts. Remember, it’s not about finding concrete answers, but about exploring the vastness of our consciousness and what lies beyond it.


“The mirror then becomes in a sense transparent instead of purely just reflecting what it sees. It is emptied out as well, it becomes transparent to knowing that there’s something that can never be grasped by its knowingness.” – Bentinho Massaro

So, how do we become transparent to the mystery beyond? Here are a few tips:

  • Sit with the question mark: Instead of chasing answers, simply contemplate the unknown. What lies beyond your experience? What can never be grasped by your mind? Let the question itself be your guide.
  • Intuition over intellect: Step back from the mental chatter and listen to your inner knowing. It’s a subtle feeling, a sense of vastness and peace that arises when you let go of the need to understand.
  • Empty the mirror: Practice meditation or mindfulness to quieten your mind and release attachments. As the busyness settles, the space beyond the mirror becomes more accessible.