The Void, Free Will, and the Law of One: A Spiritual Exploration

In the vastness of existence, our human minds often conceptualize the infinite as a void. From our viewpoint, it appears as an emptiness, a vast space devoid of anything recognizable. Yet, this void is only a perception. From the standpoint of the absolute, what we label as a void is not truly empty. Bentinho Massaro’s teachings provide insight into this concept.

Imagine the void as an infinite entity. From our perspective, it seems vacant, without any of the experiences or thoughts we are familiar with. But this very void, which we label as such, is teeming with potential. It is, as Ben describes, the “one infinite.” Out of this vastness and unity arose the desire to know itself. How? This remains one of the great mysteries of existence.

The challenge the one infinite faced was that, within a void, it had no means to recognize or understand itself. For how does the absolute discern its nature without something to contrast against? Without something to reflect upon? This challenge birthed what is described as the “first distortion” – free will or pure awareness. This free will is the capacity to know, choose, perceive, and experience. It’s the bridge from the void to realization.

From this birth of free will came love. Love, as Bentinho depicts, is a profound awareness of non-separation. It’s the knowledge that everything is interconnected, that nothing exists in isolation. Before the advent of light or perception, there was just the pure state of being, encapsulated by love.

Now, with the foundation of free will and love in place, light came into existence. This isn’t just the physical light we observe but the ability to perceive. Everything in the illusion of our reality – from our thoughts to our feelings and our material experiences – stems from these three foundational pillars: free will, love, and light.

When we peer deeper into this tapestry, it unravels into various densities, patterns, and frequencies. These layers, from the elemental to the profoundly spiritual, guide the journey of consciousness. Starting with raw awareness, as seen in rocks and natural elements, it evolves into movement and growth in plants and animals. Each stage is a step towards a more profound realization, a higher level of understanding.

In this intricate dance of evolution, we are not just passive spectators. We are part and parcel of this cosmic journey. As embodiments of the one infinite creator, our existence is imbued with a longing to return home, to connect with our source, and to know the infinite intimately.

In conclusion, while our perception might paint the void as an empty expanse, it’s a canvas filled with the colors of free will, love, and light. Through Bentinho’s teachings, we realize that our very existence is a testament to the one infinite’s desire to know itself, and our journey is a path towards that ultimate realization.

Quote: “In the heart of the void, the colors of free will, love, and light paint the canvas of existence.” – Inspired by Bentinho Massaro