Advanced Awareness: A Journey Through Consciousness

For those who have delved deep into their spiritual practice, advanced awareness is a fascinating and profound topic. Bentinho offers unique insights into this journey, guiding us towards a deeper understanding of consciousness and its substrates.

In exploring advanced awareness, we consider the substratum of all that exists – a container from which nothing escapes. This substratum is the foundation of all experiences, the ‘Consciousness’ or ‘I amness’ that underlies everything. It’s a realization that no perception exists apart from the knower, the consciousness within us.

Bentinho explains that even what we might perceive as nothingness is, in fact, a form of unity. Absolute reality, or freedom, is distinct from nothingness. In spiritual terms, enlightenment is often described as a transition from ignorance to knowledge, or from unconsciousness to consciousness. However, some scriptures suggest that both ignorance and enlightenment are part of the same illusion, with enlightenment being the first and final delusion, the ‘root illusion’.

This root illusion, or Mula Maya, is seen as the foundation of all form-based experiences. Everything we experience, including the sensations of unity, oneness, and even separation, has its roots in this foundational consciousness.

Advanced practitioners are encouraged to maintain a subtle awareness in their meditation or contemplation. This involves realizing that even in states like deep sleep or unconsciousness, a formless, essential beingness persists. By recognizing this all-pervasive ‘I amness’, one vibrates at the threshold of the universe, experiencing the realm of consciousness and the cosmic dance of existence.

The ultimate realization in advanced awareness is to separate oneself from this beingness, understanding that even this pervasive consciousness is an appearance. In doing so, one transcends both oneness and duality, realizing a state of absolute freedom, untouched by any aspect of the cosmos or any dimension of existence.

This realization brings about a profound transformation, revealing the true nature of freedom. It’s a recognition that we are beyond everything, a state of being that transcends all experiences and perceptions.

Inspirational Quote by Bentinho:
“Separate even the root illusion of ‘I am’ from yourself, and you’ll discover the absolute freedom that lies beyond both oneness and duality.”

Spiritual Reference
This concept aligns with a verse from the Bible, John 8:32: “And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.” It speaks to the liberation found in understanding the deeper truths of our existence.