The End Game of Awakening: Navigating Abrupt Global Changes

In this unprecedented year, many find themselves reeling from sudden and unexpected shifts in our collective reality. Bentinho offers a fresh perspective on understanding these transitions, which he coins as the “End Game of Unit”.

Based on what I’ve gleaned, the world is experiencing a sudden jolt from a deep, complacent sleep, akin to being a zombie. The year 2020 has thrown myriad challenges, events, and situations at us, urging humanity to reconsider what it means to be human. This need to seek truth, justice, honesty, and fairness has never been more palpable.

When abrupt awakenings occur, particularly on a global scale, Bentinho draws attention to a transitional phase: moving from a state of unawareness to a fully awakened one. For instance, the tragic death of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and upheavals prompt us to reflect. However, the pitfall in this phase lies in our instinctual reactions. When jarred awake, our immediate responses are based on what we already know — our past experiences, beliefs, memories, and biases. This reactive “response team” within us is born from our days of being “asleep.”

Yet, there’s hope. Understanding and compassion for this collective and individual process is essential. Bentinho stresses the importance of expediting our reactions to these awakenings. Rather than relying on past, sleepy remnants, it’s vital to respond from a place of love, understanding, and the perspective of the awakened state. He believes that these abrupt societal challenges are necessary. They bring to the fore what has long been hidden in our collective consciousness. And while the journey is arduous, these challenges illuminate our path toward enlightenment and unity.

“When jarred awake, our immediate responses are based on what we already know. Yet, there’s hope in understanding and responding from a place of love.” – Bentinho

Spiritual Reference:
“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” – John 1:5, Bible