Being Seen: Stepping into Your True Power

In our journey of self-discovery, it’s common to encounter feelings of vulnerability, especially when it comes to “being seen.” A profound conversation with Bentinho sheds light on this journey and the hurdles we face.

“I’m fearful about being seen,” many say, admitting to a deep-seated fear. This vulnerability, often rooted in past experiences, can create a pendulum of emotions, swinging from highs to lows. But what causes this unsettling feeling? Digging deep, one might realize it stems from self-deprecating beliefs. Perhaps, it’s the ingrained thought that one doesn’t possess enough validity or value. Such beliefs, however detrimental, can become familiar over time, even if they don’t serve our true essence.

Bentinho emphasizes, “One of the biggest issues is that we get so accustomed to feeling bad that we forget that feeling bad is a guidance mechanism.” It’s an indicator, signaling us to reflect on our misalignments. But imagine shifting that baseline. Imagine making it a habit to feel not just good, but incredibly powerful, every single day. What if, instead of dwelling in mediocrity, you aspire to walk into any space like a queen and exit like a goddess?

“When you embrace that power, visualize it, and truly feel it,” Bentinho suggests, “you initiate a transformative journey where you attract positivity and strength.” This newfound power is infectious, and soon you’ll find yourself in a reality where every interaction, every reflection is a testament to your inner strength.

For some, this journey might begin with standing up for justice or rights, but the goal is to go beyond conflicts and battles. It’s about creating an effortless existence where everything flows naturally towards you, enhancing your authenticity, humility, and sincerity.

If you’ve ever felt powerful, even if for a fleeting moment, harness that memory. Visualize it, feel it, and incorporate it into your present. Make it a routine to experience that power, until it becomes a part of your essence.

Bentinho concludes, “It’s about integrating the new desired energy and allowing your system to naturally let go of past inhibitions.” So, can you make that your focal point? Can you embrace your true power, overcome your fears, and truly be seen?

Quote: “Either resolve the lack beliefs or simply reach for power, joy, and a sense of expansion. When you do that, you’ll begin to let go of the past and integrate the new desired energy.” – Bentinho

: “For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.” – 2 Timothy 1:7