Discovering Infinite Worth: A Journey Within

Have you ever paused to consider your own worth? Not just in terms of accomplishments or societal measures, but the deep, intrinsic value that exists within you? Bentinho speaks about this journey towards recognizing our infinite worth. It’s about realizing that we are, at our core, boundless beings interconnected with the universe.

The concept of the ‘third eye’ isn’t just mystical jargon. It symbolizes our ability to see beyond the physical, to understand our true essence. When we open this eye, we start seeing the oneness in others and ourselves. It’s a realization that we share a universal connection, a tapestry where every thread is equally valuable.

Now, take a moment. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and ask yourself, “How worthy do I feel?” This isn’t about ego or arrogance. It’s a check-in with your inner self. If you feel a hint of doubt or unworthiness, that’s where your work begins. The goal is to expand these boundaries, to feel increasingly worthy, ecstatic, and true to your infinite nature.

However, reaching this state isn’t always smooth. You may encounter beliefs like, “This bliss is too much for me,” or “I can’t handle this light.” These thoughts are your personal thresholds, marking areas where you might hold back from fully expressing yourself. Open up, let the light shine brighter, and embrace your right to exist and express freely.

Remember, you are a unique creation. The universe doesn’t make mistakes. Your existence is purposeful, and diminishing your light serves no one. Allow yourself to bask in the glory of being alive, knowing that your worth is immeasurable.

This journey is not just about self-love but also about freedom. Free will is a gift – use it to express your infinite worth and potential. When you do, you naturally attract relationships and opportunities that resonate with your empowered state.

You might wonder, “When am I ready for such profound connections?” The answer lies within. When you no longer seek validation externally and find infinite love and happiness in just being you, you’re ready. You operate as an infinite being, and your reality reflects this expansive state.

Bentinho encourages us not to be harsh on ourselves when ‘human stuff’ surfaces. These are just old beliefs needing transformation. Recognize your higher vibratory state and let these beliefs merge back into your being, outshone by your inner light.

As you expand, your reality becomes richer, more aligned with your true self. Growth might mean moving on from certain relationships or situations, but this is natural. It’s about honoring your journey and allowing yourself and others the space to evolve.

In summary, recognizing your infinite worth is a transformative process. It’s about seeing yourself as a creature of limitless potential and aligning your life with this truth. As Bentinho says, let your light shine, and embrace your infinite worth, for in doing so, you open the doors to a life of true freedom and fulfillment.


“Your existence is not a redundancy, but a testament to your infinite worth.” – Bentinho

Spiritual Reference:

This concept echoes the Biblical verse, Psalm 139:14, “I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” It reminds us that our existence is a divine creation, worthy and significant.