It’s an intriguing notion, isn’t it? The idea of surrendering, of giving everything away to God. But Bentinho challenges us with an enlightening perspective.

You might think you’re giving away all your burdens and worries to a higher power. But remember this, there’s no force separate from consciousness. Every act of giving, every ounce of surrender, is essentially a play within consciousness. This realization that nothing exists outside of consciousness is transformative. It grants us an internal freedom that few ever truly grasp.

The idea of a root beer symbolizing happiness, as presented by Bentinho, brilliantly captures this concept. Is a root beer intrinsically happy? Or is it our perception, our meaning attached to it, that makes it so? We, as conscious beings, have the ability to label our experiences, deciding what’s positive or negative. It’s not about what occurs externally, but how we internally label and react to these events.

Life will throw challenges. It’s an undeniable truth. Yet, every situation is up to us to label. We can decide to see it as a challenge or an opportunity. Does this mean we should mask our true emotions and pretend everything is alright? Absolutely not. Bentinho encourages us to resonate genuinely with our feelings. If something doesn’t sit well with you, don’t pretend it does. But also, don’t be quick to label situations as inherently good or bad. It’s a delicate balance of acceptance and resonance.

Now, here’s the liberating part. The freedom of choice. As Bentinho says, “Believe It or Not freedom of choice… not what appears.” It’s not about the actions that transpire but where you focus your consciousness. Realizing this grants you true freedom, moving you from feeling enslaved by situations to becoming a passionate, free, enlightened co-creator of your reality.

Bentinho’s insights compel us to reflect deeply. If you feel resistance to an idea, could it be that it actually resonates with you but challenges your existing beliefs? Every moment offers a chance to evolve and transcend. This is the freedom Bentinho speaks of. A freedom beyond comprehension, always expanding and offering you endless possibilities.

In Bentinho’s words:

“Imagine Freedom beyond what you can imagine, and that’s only a fraction of the freedom that you experience more and more.”