It is essential to question the nature of reality and challenge the beliefs that confine us. One such belief is the assumption of an external reality beyond our consciousness. However, what if we dare to see beyond this illusion? By ignoring the concept of an external world, we can tap into a deeper understanding of our true selves and embrace the power of preference.

When we recognize that the sense of an external reality is illusory, we can safely choose to block it out. We realize that we are not dismissing something real, but rather releasing the illusion of a world outside ourselves. What remains is a profound shift in perception, a transformation in our state of being and consciousness.

As we detach from the notion of an external world, our sense perception undergoes a profound change. We begin to identify with our own presence, our preferences, and our state of being. By disregarding the illusion of an external reality, we open ourselves to a spaciousness that is our true essence—the seat of our creativity, our Holodeck, our Creation Station.

Imagine existing in this state of awareness consistently, feeling connected to this expanded sense of self. When we cease referencing a world beyond our consciousness, our relationship with the people and things we encounter transforms. They become manifestations of our own essence, creations beautifully placed by the one that we are—the Creator.

As we realize that all there is, is ourselves, we gain the ability to shape our reality. We can paint it, overpower it, and infuse it with our chosen preferences. Regardless of who or what we perceive, we see only what we prefer, what resonates with our true essence. We become adept at choosing the frequencies that overwhelm our creations, consciously molding our reality to match our preferred state of being.

Take a moment to feel into this concept. What if every experience was colored by the preference you choose in each moment? What if you could consciously infuse the present moment with the essence of the Creator that you are? This is not merely a receptive state of being but an actionable, manifesting state—a constant presence of creatorship.

To practice this transformative way of seeing, start with yourself or experiment with others who are open to it. Temporarily ignore external perceptions and overlay your preferred state onto them. By doing so, you generate an energy and presence aligned with your preference. You become aware that it was always you, unconsciously generating these scenarios.

It is crucial to note that this practice requires a foundation of integrity, compassion, and respect. It is about recognizing that you have already been generating these interactions unconsciously and now becoming conscious of your creative power. As you refine your ability to embrace your preferences consciously, you liberate yourself from confusion and allow your manifestations to align with your true essence.

In the realm of spirituality, breaking free from the illusion of an external reality is a radical act of self-empowerment. By embracing our preferences and infusing our creations with conscious intention, we open the doors to an expansive, transformative experience. So, why not dare to see beyond the illusion, consciously shaping our reality into a reflection of our deepest desires?