The idea that “Only God Exists” offers a profound simplicity. Bentinho guides us towards this fundamental realization. Everything around us, including ourselves, is an expression of God’s omnipresence. This concept isn’t just a lofty spiritual ideal; it’s a practical approach to perceive life in its truest form.

The Essence of Omnipresence

At the core of this teaching lies the understanding that God isn’t separate from our existence. Every aspect of life, every thought, emotion, and experience, is imbued with God’s presence. It’s like recognizing that every drop of water in the ocean is, in essence, the ocean itself. When we view our surroundings, our challenges, and our joys through this lens, we begin to see God in everything and everyone.

Applying this understanding to our daily lives is simpler than it seems. It’s about shifting our perspective. When faced with a situation, instead of reacting from a place of individuality, we can ask ourselves, “How is this an expression of the divine?” This shift doesn’t negate our unique experiences but rather includes them in the larger tapestry of divine expression.

This realization has a profound impact on our mental state. It doesn’t lead to a disengagement from life but to a deeper, more meaningful engagement. Our minds, often caught in the dichotomy of right and wrong, begin to find peace in the understanding that everything is a part of a grander divine play. This doesn’t mean the cessation of thoughts or actions but a transformation in their quality.

Living with the Knowledge of God’s Omnipresence

Living with the awareness that “Only God Exists” allows us to experience life more fully. Our actions, whether it’s starting a new venture or enjoying simple pleasures, are imbued with a deeper significance. The realization doesn’t confine us to a stereotype of spirituality; instead, it frees us to live our truth, understanding that every expression is spiritual in its essence.

The Misconception of Spiritual Appearance

A common misconception in spiritual circles is that spirituality must look a certain way. Bentinho debunks this, emphasizing that spirituality isn’t about outward appearances or specific behaviors. Understanding that all is God liberates us from these superficial distinctions.

A Journey to Unity: ( Blog Post on: Separation to Unification: A Journey Towards Spiritual UnityVideo Way into Unity by Bentinho Massaro )

In essence, the journey towards recognizing that “Only God Exists” is a journey towards unity. It’s about dissolving the illusion of separation and embracing the truth that everything we experience is a part of a vast, interconnected divine play. This journey is deeply personal, yet universally applicable, offering a path to peace and understanding in our turbulent world.

“Everything around us is a manifestation of the divine. Recognizing this transforms our perception of life.”

Bible, Ephesians 4:6 – “One God and Father of all, who is over all and through all and in all.”