Have you ever watched a movie knowing exactly how it ends? It changes the whole experience, doesn’t it? You’re less anxious about the twists and turns, more present in each moment. This perspective, shared by Bentinho Massaro can profoundly impact how we view our lives.

In life, we often get caught up in the ‘how’ and ‘when’ of our goals. We try to force our current reality to align with our desires, creating a sense of struggle and impatience. Bentinho, or Ben as he’s commonly known, encourages a different approach. He likens life to watching a movie without attachment, knowing the outcome yet enjoying the unfolding story.

Letting Go of Doubt

Doubt is the main obstacle in this journey. It’s like a wrench thrown into the gears of our belief system, causing us to question the certainty of our dreams. Ben points out that when we indulge in doubt, we become entangled in the process, losing sight of the outcome we know is certain.

Conviction is a state of being where we are fully aligned with the certainty of our dreams. It’s not about how or when these dreams manifest in physical reality but about living in the certainty that they already exist in their own realm. This conviction allows us to experience our current reality without the pressure of needing it to change.

The Art of Separating Realities

Imagine your dream and your current reality as two separate movies playing side by side. You don’t need to merge them; just enjoy each for what it is. When facing physical limitations, like recovering from an illness, it’s crucial to appreciate the progress in the physical realm while still cherishing the certainty of your dreams.

Understanding that different realities exist simultaneously, without necessarily interacting, can free us from the constraints of linear time. This perspective allows us to shift between different versions of reality, experiencing our desires without the need to change our current physical circumstances.

Life is not about forcing our current reality to align with our desires. It’s about living in the certainty of our dreams and allowing our physical reality to be what it is, without attachment. This approach frees us from the pressure and limitations of physical conditions, allowing us to traverse different realities and experience the joy of our true desires.


“The journey towards our desires isn’t about changing our current reality but about appreciating the certainty of our dreams in their own realm, untethered by our physical limitations.” – Bentinho


This approach aligns with a biblical perspective found in Hebrews 11:1, “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see.”