Navigating Through Tiredness to Find Inner Peace and Spiritual Awareness

Feeling tired is a common experience, but have you ever considered that it could be an opportunity for spiritual growth? Bentinho Massaro shares his insights on how tiredness can lead to a deeper understanding of our existence.

When we’re tired of our experiences, especially during suffering, it’s a sign that we’re ready for a change. This tiredness is not just physical but a deep weariness of the soul, a longing for something beyond the ordinary. It’s a moment when we can’t fix our state or change our experience, leading us to feel tired of experience itself.

This is where the magic happens. By embracing this tiredness and not indulging in any distractions, we enter a state of “stable nothingness.” It’s like being on the threshold of a new dimension, where we’re no longer feeding our usual patterns of experience. In this space, we can encounter a vast, indescribable reality that is not an experience in the usual sense.

Bentinho describes three types of nothingness: the concept of nothingness, the causal body nothingness, and the nothingness at the threshold of pure being or pure consciousness. The first is just a mental concept, a thought form. The second is beyond the mind and senses, a state of unfamiliar territory without form. The third is when we turn our back on all forms of consciousness, including the sense of being, and encounter a magnetic pull towards the absolute reality.

This journey through nothingness is like going through a portal or a black hole. We exit all conventional ways of experiencing and enter a realm of absolute infinity. It’s a realization that we are the infinite reality, experiencing itself. This realization is beyond words and concepts, a different realm of being that trumps everything we’ve ever known.

Bentinho’s teachings remind us that the path to spiritual growth and inner peace involves embracing our tiredness and allowing it to lead us to a deeper understanding of our true nature. It’s a journey of courage and maturation, where we honor both our relative role in the world and our connection to the absolute.

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Quote: “Embracing tiredness as a gateway to inner peace allows us to transcend the ordinary and discover the infinite reality of our being.” – Bentinho Massaro

Spiritual Reference: “Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10 (Bible)

This verse from the Bible resonates with the idea of embracing stillness and tiredness to connect with a deeper sense of being and awareness.

Ways to Dive Deeper:


  • Journaling: Write freely about their own experiences of feeling “tired of experience.” Examine where this tiredness comes from. Do they resonate with the concepts presented?
  • Identify personal “tiredness” triggers: Consider the situations, thoughts, and emotions that typically lead to a feeling of existential exhaustion.


  • Research: Deeper dives into the different types of “nothingness” discussed in the article. This could involve searching for specific terms or exploring other spiritual traditions that speak to similar concepts.
  • Read Bentinho Massaro: Check out Bentinho’s teachings directly. Find some of his talks, videos, or writings that expand upon these ideas.


  • Focused Meditations: Experiment with guided meditations designed to lead towards an experience of “nothingness.” Some may focus on emptying the mind, others on transcending awareness.
  • Mindfulness in exhaustion: The next time the feeling of “tiredness of experience” arises, use it as a cue for mindful contemplation. Instead of fighting it, turn inward and observe it without judgment.

Important Note: Emphasize that if feelings of deep exhaustion, despair, or hopelessness persist, it’s crucial to seek professional mental health support.