The universe, vast and expansive, is home to a plethora of souls at varying stages of evolution. One particularly intriguing concept is that of the “Wanderer.” The idea speaks to an overarching, core personality, a higher soul that is beyond our current understanding of self. This soul, which carries a unique core frequency, has traversed various physical and non-physical life extensions. It has experienced realities beyond our third density, extending to fourth and even sixth densities.

In Bentinho’s teachings, he sheds light on these “Wanderers” as beings primarily from the fourth and sixth densities. The fifth density is seldom involved, given its inward-focused learning nature. These Wanderers, often resonating with a service-oriented vibration, choose to dive into civilizations that are not native to them. The primary purpose? To assist and uplift.

Over the past few decades, Earth has witnessed a significant influx of these beings, all rallying to support our planet’s impending shift. As we transition from third to fourth density, these Wanderers, with their innate wisdom and unique frequencies, aim to facilitate a smoother passage for humanity.

However, this mission is not without its challenges. The third density envelops beings in a “veil of forgetting,” causing them to lose sight of their true nature. This is a risk Wanderers willingly take, aware of the exponential benefits it holds.

Interestingly, these Wanderers, even if lost within the societal mold, continue to uplift the collective by their mere presence. Their native frequency, though suppressed, silently aids in elevating the collective consciousness.

Ben shares insights on how to breach this veil of forgetfulness. The key lies in remembering and honoring the “One.” By continuously acknowledging the oneness in our actions and intentions, we can realign with our true selves.

“For every Wanderer, the journey might be different, but the essence remains the same. To be a beacon of love, light, and service, while embracing the very essence of who they are at their core,” Bentinho Massaro.

From the Bible, Philippians 4:13 resonates deeply with this sentiment, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” This verse emphasizes the strength and power that comes from aligning with a higher source, much like the Wanderers aligning with their higher soul.

In conclusion, as we navigate the transformative times ahead, let’s be reminded of our true essence, celebrate the Wanderers among us, and collectively embrace the unfolding journey.

“To be a beacon of love, light, and service, while embracing the very essence of who they are at their core.” – Bentinho Massaro

“I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” – Philippians 4:13