The Key to Embracing Effortless Bliss

Have you ever felt the weight of your own expectations? The pressure that surrounds the looming “what ifs” of tomorrow? We’ve all been there, bound by our limiting beliefs. They often manifest as a web of thoughts that box us into a reality rooted in lack. But Ben suggests something radical yet profoundly simple: relaxation.

This relaxation doesn’t imply inactivity or an absence of excitement. It suggests a relaxed state of mind, even if our bodies or the situations around us are tensed up. The core message Bentinho wants to convey is that when you’re truly relaxed, you’re not shielding yourself from the imagined hardships of the future. That automated tension of constantly trying to protect ourselves from the next moment, the day after, or even years into the future, can be suffocating.

Limiting beliefs, like the notion that harm can befall us or that we’re somehow lacking, are just that – beliefs. When we let go of the idea that lack is lurking around the corner, we come face to face with the abundance present here and now. Trust, in the universe and in our own capacities, becomes a natural state.

What lies beyond this relaxation? Bliss.

Bliss isn’t a monochromatic emotion; it has many shades. Whether it’s the profound tranquility of deep peace or the exhilarating high of ecstasy and productivity, all these emotions fall under the spectrum of bliss. By aligning our personal wavelength with the universal wavelength, which is invariably rooted in bliss (because it knows no lack), we allow this effortless joy to flow through every facet of our being. Our emotional, physical, energetic, and etheric bodies then naturally attune to this rhythm of creation.

But why bliss? Because in the grand design of existence, there’s no room for tension. Without the phantom of lack haunting our every move, we’re free to engage in the natural dance of love, in all its multifaceted glory, from deep insights and unwavering stability to boundless flexibility and transformation. And this dance isn’t bound by definitions or labels. As Ben humorously recalls, while intending to tell someone to “follow your bliss,” it came out as “follow your Bluey,” when his thoughts on joy intertwined. It’s a gentle reminder that sometimes, in the spontaneity of life, bliss and joy can become wonderfully, hilariously intertwined.

In essence, to truly let go and relax, even for just a few moments, is to renounce our claim on projections of lack, which fundamentally don’t exist. With that, we become a harmonious blend of the changeless and the ever-changing, embracing the moment with fresh, spontaneous vigor.

“Relax the chains of limiting beliefs and dance freely in the rhythm of bliss.”